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Why dream cars have to wait

UK motorists won’t own their dream car until they are 47 – and it’s likely to be a black sports car, preferably an Audi or Aston Martin.

A study of 2,000 drivers found many know what they want, but most will have to wait before making the dream a reality, owning more practical or affordable alternatives in the meantime.

We’re most likely to own a supermini or saloon car in our 20s, while a hatchback or an estate are popular choices for thirtsomethings. On reaching the big 4-0 we’re more likely to opt for an SUV or people carrier.

But no matter what the car, people insist on the ‘basic’ luxuries like heated seats (43%) and built in satnav (44%).

Other desirable components of the ideal car include anti-theft technology (37%), and self-parking (29%).

“Daydreaming about the cars we’d like to own one day is something British drivers love to do,” said Neil You, general manager at YesAuto UK, which commissioned the survey.

“Our survey results also show that people would even consider leasing a car if it meant they could have their ideal car sooner.”

The study found the majority of Brits assume having their ideal car is still very much a ‘dream’, for only one in six have made the dream a reality.

More than half of those polled don’t believe they’ll ever own their perfect car and 54% could only see this happening if they were to win the lottery.

Those aged 25-34 would be the most adventurous with their dream car – with 18% choosing to have ‘go faster’ stripes, an eighth opting for flames, and 15% wanting lightning bolts or ocean waves.

It also emerged that if money were no object, 60% would prefer a brand-new luxury car over a perfectly restored classic one.

And 23% admitted to spending time browsing online at how much supercars cost, just in case they ever happen to win the lottery.

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