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Best places to find cheap petrol and diesel

Filling up at the petrol pump

A full tank of fuel now costs nearly £5 more than in late 2020 after yet another month of pump price rises.

The latest data from RAC Fuel Watch reveals the price of fuel on the UK’s forecourts rose by an average of 3p a litre in February, making it £1.70 more expensive to fill up a family car.

After four months of consecutive rises a litre of petrol now costs an average of 123.38p – up from 120.22p at the start of the month – while diesel is 126.47p (up from 123.35p) having risen for the last three months.

A full tank of unleaded now sets drivers back £67.86 whereas on 1 November it was £4.87 cheaper at £62.98 due to a litre being almost 9p less at just 114.52p. Compared to 1 November a full tank of diesel is now £4.75 more expensive at £69.56, versus £64.81 when a litre was 117.85p.

A sharp increase in the price of a barrel of oil has driven the rise in forecourt prices. In February alone oil rocketed by $10 a barrel to $65.83, a price not seen since mid-January 2020. And compared to 1 November 2020 a barrel now costs $29 more.

The average price of fuel at the big four supermarkets is 4p a litre cheaper at 119.32p for unleaded and 122.24p for diesel after an increase of 2.8p on both fuels during February. Asda had the lowest priced petrol and diesel in February at 118.41p and 121.51p, narrowly ahead of Sainsbury’s which was only 0.5p more expensive.

Regional pump prices compared

UK average120.22123.383.16
East Midlands120.11123.253.14
North East119.09122.042.95
North West119.79123.183.39
Northern Ireland116.00118.382.38
South East121.33124.483.15
South West120.29123.032.74
West Midlands120.05123.113.06
Yorkshire And The Humber119.65122.622.97
UK average123.35126.473.12
East Midlands123.34126.373.03
North East122.41125.423.01
North West122.78125.823.04
Northern Ireland118.26121.923.66
South East124.68127.793.11
South West123.52126.633.11
West Midlands123.23126.423.19
Yorkshire And The Humber122.76125.913.15

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