Tuesday , December 7 2021
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Are colour changing cars in our future?

When (now) classics Back to the Future and its much-anticipated sequel hit our screens in 1985 and 1989 (yes, it was that long ago!), it got us all imagining what the future might look like. While time-travelling cars and hover boards haven’t quite come to fruition yet, many of the …

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Alloy Wheels or Steel Wheels – Take Your Pick!

Much is made of the fact that steel wheels are sturdier and cheaper than alloy wheels, and those who are only concerned with budget are content to stick with steel wheels. But alloy wheels have their own advantages, and those who take the time to properly weigh up the pros …

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Is 2021 the Year to Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Ford Mustang inspired electric SUV sketch

Electric vehicles (EVs) were once an ambitious concept for the future, but they have become a reality and a common sight on our roads over the last few years. In 2020, EVs gained significant ground, with more motorists than ever joining the EV revolution. Tesla has been instrumental in this …

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Cars which have set world records

For some people, a car is simply a machine used for traveling from one place to another. On the other hand, some people love to know every aspect regarding their favorite vehicles and their top specific models. The size or its worth does not only describe a car, frankly speaking, …

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Should I long-term lease my car?

We’ve all been there: your old car’s beginning to need fixing more often, you’re going all green-eyed when you see the flashy new sets of wheels your colleagues arrive at work in and you’ve even found out how much yours is worth using an online guide such as Parkers’ car …

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How to Best Prepare for A Winter Driving Test

The pandemic has seen both learner drivers and instructors affected well into the end of the year 2020, as the weather turns colder and the nights draw in. But the good news is that in all tiers in the UK, lessons and tests can continue to take place. If you’ve …

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Why is Buying a Second-Hand Car More Preferable

The urge to buy a brand new car is hard to suppress.  Although the world that we live in today with its uncertain conditions, its dwindling economy and the high unemployment rates, buying a used car seems like a much smarter option. There are a couple of reasons why people …

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Positive Movement for Falken Tyre Brand

Take a look inside the average family car, and you’ll find a whole range of gadgets that just a decade or so ago would have been the stuff of science fiction. Massive satnav systems, Bluetooth connectivity and voice controls. Assisted braking, parking and lane-keeping. Heated seats and steering wheels. Each …

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5 Great Performance Car Mods You Can Buy Online

In the past, it would often be difficult to find the ideal car mods for vehicles, particularly for those car lovers who lived outside of the larger cities. They would often have to order parts through catalogues and magazines and hope that the company sent them the correct parts. Fortunately, …

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