Thursday , October 21 2021
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4 Tips To Prevent The Possibility of Keyless Car Theft

Keyless theft, also known as Relay Theft, is when a thief hacks the keys to a ‘keyless entry’ car through a device from outside the victim’s house.  In this kind of theft, all that a thief needs is to be close to the sensor key and he can easily hack …

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Two-thirds of British drivers support the introduction of driving retests for the over 70s

More than 60 per cent of UK drivers believe that driving retests for the over 70s should be made mandatory, according to newly released data. The research, published today by used car buying and finance service Choose My Car, proves the majority of British drivers believe the over 70s should …

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Unusual Facts About Car Tyres

While you may be familiar with the basics of car tyres, there are plenty of interesting and unusual facts that you still may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at some! Tyres can be recycled into a variety of products! With the help of the recycling process, tyres …

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What are the benefits of leasing a car?

Picture the scene: your car has stopped working or simply no longer meets your needs, leading you to contemplate buying a new car. However, have you thought about possibly leasing your next car instead – a process also referred to as personal contract hire or PCH? This measure would entail …

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What’s the Future for the Automotive Industry?

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for the automotive sector, with the coronavirus pandemic exacerbating the ongoing issues caused as a result of Brexit. However, the industry has also shown tremendous resilience, emerging from the economic depths of March and April of last year to deliver …

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Extra Cash – Scrap My Car in St Albans

Thinking of downsizing from two cars to just one car is something that many people are considering in St Albans.  There are so many positive reasons too – in fact, you might find that you don’t even need one car!  With a brilliant rail service on your doorstep, straight into …

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The Best Hobbies for Car Fanatics to try

If you’re passionate about all things related to motoring, then there are a range of related activities and pastimes that you might want to try. Of these, the most obvious is actually getting into the driver’s seat, either by buying your own car, or by leasing one. But it’s also …

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Top Tips To Follow Before Purchasing GAP Insurance

Car insurance claim

Having GAP Insurance cover on a new car is like an extra layer of bubble wrap around your finances. It’s protection from the worst possible scenario that could happen. When you purchase a brand-new car, its value falls by a third as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. …

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