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Top 20 cheapest cars to drive in the UK

Cost of motoring

New research by comparison site Uswitch has revealed the cheapest cars to run, breaking down the annual running costs of the country’s most popular motors.

Knowing how much it’s going cost to run a car each year is an important part of any purchase decision, so the study calculated the cost per mile (CPM) and annual running cost (including fuel, insurance, road tax and miles per gallon) against the UK’s average mileage (7,400 miles).

Top 20 cheapest cars to run each year in the UK

RankVehicleTotal Annual Running CostAverage Cost Per Mile
1Kia Picanto£1,372.63£0.19
2Citroen C1£1,383.50£0.19
3Peugeot 108£1,405.32£0.19
4Toyota Aygo£1,418.58£0.19
5Toyota Yaris£1,420.18£0.19
6Hyundai i10£1,439.55£0.19
7Toyota Corolla£1,443.84£0.20
8Toyota Prius£1,446.27£0.20
9Fiat 500£1,448.96£0.20
10Suzuki Swift£1,458.33£0.20
11Fiat Panda£1,467.62£0.20
12Volkswagen UP!£1,481.03£0.20
13Honda Jazz£1,487.20£0.20
14Hyundai i20£1,495.95£0.20
15Dacia Sandero£1,502.50£0.20
16Skoda Fabia£1,510.75£0.20
17Kia Ceed£1,513.12£0.20
18Renault Megane£1,516.57£0.20
19Ford Fiesta£1,526.51£0.21
20Mazda 2£1,526.99£0.21

“When buying a new car there are many factors that have to be taken into account before making a final decision on which make and model to purchase,” said Joel Kempson, car insurance expert at

“However, undoubtedly the most important factor is the costs that come with purchasing a vehicle, not only the cost of the car itself but also the extra cash needed to run it day to day.

“According to our cost per mile (CPM) calculation, the Kia Picanto is the most affordable car to run per mile, making the vehicle a great choice for drivers wanting to save money over the long term.”

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