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Applications Of Van Wrapping In Marketing Campaigns

The purpose of any successful marketing campaign is to draw eyes and ears to a particular product or brand. There are a variety of techniques that are used in this regard, with most of the focus going towards online marketing since this can reach the widest possible audience. Still, a case can be made for marketing that exists in the real world. In fact, the prevalence of digital marketing has made the opportunity ripe for real life marketing to make a comeback since it can develop the image that a brand is quirky and unique.

When you think outside the box in terms of marketing, you can start to come up with techniques that would truly set your campaign apart. Most consumers are saturated with digital ads, so seeing something in the real world is now somewhat more likely to catch their eye. This becomes especially true when your implementation of real world marketing does not rely on tired old methods that drove the shift to digital marketing in the first place. It can be difficult to bring new ideas to the table in such an old school medium, but creative minds tend to ignore such hurdles as merely inconsequential for the most part.

An intriguing yet oddly rare technique involves the use of van wrapping. This is a process by which artwork and other details can be added to a van without actually damaging the coat of the van in question. There are a number of benefits that can come with this. For starters, people that are stuck in traffic jams tend to have no other option than to look around at the other cars on the road. It is irresponsible to check your phone when you are in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, so at least a few people will be following this rule and will end up glancing at a wrapped van eventually.

This helps make this marketing technique enormously effective. You can spend as much money as you like on making your ads appear everywhere, but if the only eyes that witness your ad are glazed over in boredom then you won’t be able to make much of an impression. People have learned to zone out ads that they see online as well as on TV, and the same tends to happen with billboard ads too.

A van that possesses the logo of a brand will be much more effective in this regard. Anyone that looks at it would most definitely be intrigued, especially during traffic jams since people tend to be rather bored in such situations. This basically means that people looking at the ad will retain a lot more information from it, and innovations such as the addition of QR codes and the like help make these real world ads interactive and can facilitate the implementation of a call to action that can be performed right at that very moment.

Since the artwork and design is only being applied to a layer of film that is on top of the van, it can be easy to change up marketing techniques as time goes by. A van will never be restricted to only one marketing campaign. Instead, the wrapping can be removed once the campaign is over and new wrapping can be put in its place. This also means that unsuccessful marketing campaigns can be changed as and when required. It can be quite destructive to a brand’s reputation if it puts out an ad that is not being received well, and if the ad keeps popping up it will only increase the ire that customers feel towards it.

Being able to change the design of an ad at a moment’s notice is a powerful benefit to have, and it is one that is not often possible with real world ads and their tremendous logistical disadvantages. The versatility of this new ad medium can bring a major resurgence to physical ads, something that is already being seen with the slow decline of the pandemic and the return of people to the physical world which they are now a lot more eager to interact with than they used to be.

Since this type of marketing involves the use of a vehicle, it can have other very specific applications as well. Marketing a tour can be very difficult for small time musicians, many of whom lack the resources that can facilitate a widespread advertising campaign. These musicians generally need a van to tour in, and applying a wrap to this van can make it so that simply traveling from one location to another can help boost awareness for the artist, their content as well as the tour that they are currently on.

Much can be said about how this technique can help democratize advertising. It is now impossible to find a niche for oneself since most of the competition consists of massive conglomerates with incredible resources at their disposal. The use of wrapping on a van can facilitate ad hoc marketing campaigns, as well a guerilla marketing which has been known to provide disproportionate results.

A van is generally not a very significant purchase, and for most businesses it can provide distinct logistical advantages in terms of delivery or transportation of goods. There are countless ways in which small businesses can use this technique to prosper, and many would hope that they take advantage of it. The global marketplace has become inundated with nothing but big corporations, and the messaging of these enterprises has become fairly bland and generic.

It would not be surprising to see a massive reversal of fortunes, one that involves smaller companies using their creativity to get ahead rather than creating monopolies and then resting on their laurels whilst allowing their products to decline in quality.

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