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Kill Covid-19 in your car in seven minutes

CV1 Shot Aircon and Cabin Coronavirus Neutraliser

Product review: CV1 Shot Coronavirus Neutraliser

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, a quick de-clutter, vacuum and wipe down is about as close most motorists got to cleaning the interior of their cars.

The “new normal” is to thoroughly sanitise surfaces, and that includes car interiors where major touch points such as door handles, gear knobs, steering wheels, infotainment screens, seat adjusters and switchgear can harbour the Covid-19 virus.

CV1 Shot is a fast, effective and safe way to neutralise the threat of Coronavirus from your vehicle’s interior surfaces and air conditioning system.

Developed in line with the latest guidelines from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the canister’s disinfectant spray neutralises Coronavirus in just seven minutes without leaving any residue.

Using an aerosol means the active ingredient (Benzalkonium Chloride) is spread across all surfaces, including those that are difficult to reach.

CV1 Shot Aircon and Cabin Coronavirus Neutraliser

I tried CV1 Shot in my trusty Toyota RAV4. You start by turning on your car’s ventilation system and switching it to recirculating mode, with the vents fully open.

Unlike a normal aerosol, it’s a one-shot treatment which means placing the canister in the passenger footwell facing upwards, ensuring there is no obstruction above.

You then press the nozzle down until it clicks into position, triggering the spray to discharge.

CV1 Shot Aircon and Cabin Coronavirus Neutraliser

Now you leave the car as quickly as possible, closing the doors behind you, allowing two minutes for the spray to circulate and activate.

After CV1 Shot has worked its magic, you can now open the doors for five minutes to allow your car to ventilate.

Surfaces are touch-dry after seven minutes and there’s no need to wipe them down afterwards because no problem residue is left behind.

What’s more, it covers eight cublic metres, which means it can be used for larger vehicles too.

Short of taking swabs to a laboratory and getting them tested for Covid-19, I have no reason to believe that this product does not do as it says on the tin.

CV1 Shot is arguably the ultimate way to keep your car Coronavirus-free, but it could also be perfect for sanitising vehicles that are used by multiple drivers or passengers.

If I were in a vulnerable category I would seriously think about using CV1 Shot on a regular basis, just to make absolutely sure that my car is safe. However, at £9.99 for a 150ml canister, it’s not cheap.

CV1 Shot Aircon and Cabin Coronavirus Neutraliser can be bought from Euro Car Parts.

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