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End of the road for pavement parking?

Pavement parking

Millions of motorists who park on pavements could be forced to change their habits.

At present it is only illegal to park on a pavement in London, with Scotland also pressing ahead, but the Government is reviewing the situation which could see it banned across the UK.

A survey by online parking portal has revealed that millions of Brits regularly park on a pavement and almost 1 in 10 do so every single day.

Pavement parking is also a weekly occurrence for more than 1 in 20 motorists, while just under a fifth admitted they had done it but did not know how often.

Yet the millions of Brits who admit to stopping on a pavement appear to have little sympathy for fellow drivers with nearly half wanting to fine those caught doing it.

“Parking splits opinion, none more so than the issue of parking on pavements,” said Harrison Woods of

“Parking on a pavement can cause real inconvenience to pedestrians but some motorists feel it can be their only option.

“Our advice, where pavement parking is currently allowed, is to always make sure there’s plenty of room for pedestrians to get pass and to be aware of people with a pushchair, with a visual impairment or in a wheelchair.””

The contentious nature of the issue was further highlighted in the survey which revealed an almost exact 50/50 split of those in favour and against a UK wide pavement parking ban.

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