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Most common cars on dating profiles

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A study of 5,000 online dating profiles has revealed the No 1 car manufacturer featured in dating profile photos.

And the big news is that Vauxhall beat BMW and Audi as the automotive brand of choice for both men and women.

However, rather than encouraging someone to swipe right, using a car in a profile photo is likely to have the opposite effect, with more than three quarters of people surveyed stating they would not be attracted to someone who did this.

Despite this 80% of men have considered using their car in their profile photo, yet just one in 100 women say they would be more attracted if they did.

When it comes to the colour of car, black was the most popular choice by far on apps such as Tinder followed by white, according to the research for leading UK car supermarket, Motorpoint.

Most common cars in dating app profile photos
Car manufacturer Percentage of car profile photos
Vauxhall 21%
BMW 20%
Audi 15%
Volkswagen 14%
Mercedes 9%
Fiat 2%
Motorbike 2%
Rage Rover 2%
Mini 2%
Skoda 2%

Despite Vauxhall topping the chart, German manufacturers dominated the Top 10 with Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen all present when it comes to believing these brands will drive them to their soulmates.

The research also found that 4% of people would be willing to hire a car with the sole purpose to post an impressive profile photo, with romantics over the age of 55 the most likely to do this.

People in sales are the most likely in general to use their car as a means of attracting a partner, followed by students.

In terms of using a car as a prop, the most popular methods tended to be having a car in the background as well as leaning on and standing in front of the car.

Most common car poses in dating app profiles
Pose Percentage
Car in the background 16%
Leaning on the car 12%
Picture of them in the car 10%
Person standing in front of the car 8%
Just the car 8%

“It’s interesting to see just how many people include their car when it comes to trying to impress a potential partner,” said Motorpoint’s Alison Weatherley.

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