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Drive Safer With Smart Cars

The latest developments in smart car technology enable the vehicle to actually contact the emergency service if it is involved in an accident.

The new generation of smart cars will be fitted with onboard sensors that are able to inform the emergency services about the severity of the accident and how many people are inside the vehicle.  At a recent forum, many predictions were raised that discussed the possible uses of such as device.

Steve Wainwright, a manager with Freescale Semiconductors, pointed out that smart cars of the future are likely to be the most computer literate devices we use on aSafer Driving With Smarter Car Technology daily basis.  New cars already have an average of 28 electronic control units inside them, while those at the luxury end of the market can have as many as 80.  These miniature computers are the backbone of many new safety features, power saving measures and stability control features that are becoming increasingly popular in many smart cars.

Complimentary technologies such as these are being developed to assist drivers by adapting to their abilities on the road.  For example, the inclusion of radar detectors and collision monitors is set to become more commonplace in cars of the future.  A widespread misconception among drivers is that they drive better today than they did in previous years, but the likelihood is that they are unaware of the level of help the car itself is providing them with.

This technology will also be put to use in electric cars, where long journeys are unlikely to be an option.  Sensors that detect the amount of power remaining, along with a prediction of possible range, are set to become more sophisticated.  There is also the possibility of new cars being able to communicate with each other, at least in a roundabout way, informing one another of weather conditions, traffic density and accidents.  To prepare for this, the United States and Europe are setting aside radio wavelengths to accommodate inter smart car chatter.

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