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Top 10 triggers for in-car arguments


Using the phone while driving, tailgating and dangerous overtaking top the list of most irritating things drivers do, according to passengers. With lockdown easing and traffic set to rise, a trans-European survey of 2,000 drivers examined what bad behaviour behind the wheel was most likely to cause a war of …

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Dashcam evidence is a ‘game changer’ for police


As many as 89 dashcam video recordings of alleged motoring offences were submitted to police forces every day in 2019, according to data analysed by the RAC. A total of 32,370 pieces of footage were received by 24 police forces that accept video evidence of driving offences from members of …

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Hard-hitting safety campaign targets drowsy drivers

Drowsy driver - AA Charitable Trust

One in eight (13%) of UK drivers admit to falling asleep at the wheel, according to new research by the AA Charitable Trust. Nearly two fifths (37%) of motorists say they have been so tired they have been scared they would fall asleep when driving. The research has been launched …

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Wet weather driving tips

wet weather driving tips

As the song goes, the weather outside is frightful… so here are some driving tips to keep you safe in the wet, courtesy of IAM RoadSmart. Be sure to check your local weather forecast beforehand so you can plan your journey accordingly. If heavy downpours are expected, avoid starting your …

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Anarchy In The UK

  Perhaps that might be stretching the point but we wanted to attract your attention. Recently, your correspondent, whilst motoring peacefully along an urban dual carriageway, was overtaken by a BMW and a Mini going at a heck of a lick. Once past, they cut me up with their lane-changing …

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The Freedom To Drive As You Choose

OK, that title might be stretching the point a bit but you’ve got to have a good headline, haven’t you? Recently, your correspondent, whilst motoring along an urban dual carriageway, was overtaken by a BMW and a Mini going very fast indeed. They then proceeded to cut across my bows …

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Bad Drivers Are Getting Off Light

Most sensible motorists were delighted when the government brought into law measures to stop lane-hoggers, tailgaters and under-takers. These careless, thoughtless drivers could be fined £100 on the spot and cop for three penalty points to boot. The fact that we still see it happening on a daily basis because …

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Tiredness Can Kill

  The headline above is something most older drivers would have seen on a sign from time to time as they went about their travels. Not so much these days though; it’s as if it is a side-issue when there are so many other things to worry about. Sensible people …

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Sunday Drivers – Driving UK Crazy

Research conducted by insurance comparison website has revealed that dawdling drivers are the top cause of irritation for UK drivers. The survey shows that 60% of UK motorists experience increased stress levels and irritability when stuck behind a car travelling at slow speeds. Alarmingly 45% of drivers admitted to …

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