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Thinking of buying 4×4 this Winter?

The last couple of years have given rise to a huge debate over the merits of driving a 4×4 over winter. With the UK coming to a standstill for weeks on end during January and February, many motorists are wondering whether they should trade in their city run-around for a …

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.

Over the last couple of years we’ve had a taste of what winter can really do when it decides to turn nasty and, this being Britain, we were, inevitably, not really prepared for it. Fortunately, the dreadful conditions and freezing temperatures were a bit of a wake-up call and rather …

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Crossover To An SUV

Do you see what I did there? Pretty snappy title even if I do say so myself: but enough about me. The new recently announced Audi Q3 seems to be a direct challenge to the likes of, say, the Range Rover Evoque. These vehicles, because they offer four wheel drive, …

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Best Compact SUV

Customers looking for the combined assurance of solid road holding, ample storage space, excellent legroom and stylish modelling need to take a look at the compact SUV market.  These rugged little off-road vehicles were originally built around a truck chassis but lately there has been a shift in design to …

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Best SUV Crossover Cars

There were talks a while ago of SUV’s going the same way as the dinosaurs in the face of the economic decline, with rising fuel costs resulting in searches for more economical cars. However what has survived nature’s cull is a smaller, leaner more eco-friendly vehicle, the SUV crossover. The …

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