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Why are SUVs a popular lease car?

The Jeep Cherokee is often credited as the first SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) that was introduced to the UK market back in the 80’s.  Whilst it was welcomed, it wasn’t until the 90’s when we started to see the popularity of an SUV increase.  At the same time an SUV …

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What are the benefits of leasing a car?

Picture the scene: your car has stopped working or simply no longer meets your needs, leading you to contemplate buying a new car. However, have you thought about possibly leasing your next car instead – a process also referred to as personal contract hire or PCH? This measure would entail …

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Revealed: Top 10 most leased cars

Kia Sportage 48v hybrid

The Kia Sportage is the most popular leased car in the UK, according to data released by leading provider, Leasing Options. Since 2014, the award-winning mid-sized SUV (the 10th best-selling new car in the UK in 2019) has been the most leased car, not only across the UK overall, but …

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What Makes A Good Car Leasing Deal?

Sponsored Post You will know by now the various benefits of car leasing over car buying, but knowing what makes a good car leasing deal compared to a bad one, requires a different level of understanding. In many cases, the price you are offered for a car leasing deal can …

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The Benefits of Car Leasing Over Car Buying

2018 Ford Focus

Many people are still undecided when it comes to car leasing. Whether it be personal or business lease, the people involved are unsure of the benefits of paying to essentially ‘rent’ a vehicle. There are now more companies offering car leasing than ever before and this has given customers the …

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Which manufacturers are the best to lease?

Audi A4

    Are you looking to lease a new car? Perhaps you’ve never leased before. Whether you know the ins and outs of leasing or you’re new to the idea, knowing which car manufacturers offer the best models can help you save money and drive away in style. There are …

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Top holiday driving blunders revealed

Driving in Europe - Italy

One in four Brits have driven on the wrong side of the road on holiday, according to new research. Getting lost topped the list of mishaps committed by British motorists abroad in the study commissioned by car leasing specialists UK Carline. Top 5 driving mishaps 1. Getting lost (35%) 2. …

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Cars can “put off” house buyers

Cars parked in the street

More than a third of Brits would be put off buying or renting a property based on the type of cars parked on the street, according to a new survey. Car leasing experts UK Carline carried out a survey of 1,023 people to find out what factors influence their opinion …

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A closer look at personal car leasing

Personal Car Leasing

Personal car leasing offers drivers a wide variety of benefits, but many today still remain reluctant to lease their vehicle. This is often due to the unreasoned desire of ownership, as well as a lack of understanding of what leasing actually involves and its benefits. Now that more and more …

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