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Most drivers think headlights are too bright

New research has found that 85% of motorists think the problem of headlight glare is getting worse. An RAC survey of 2,000 drivers found a huge nine-in-10 (89%) think at least some headlights on cars on the road today are too bright, of which three-in-10 (28%) – a higher proportion …

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Don’t be a crash test dummy

co-op crash test video

Co-op Insurance has created dramatic crash test video to highlight the effects of failing to wear seatbelts. According to road safety charity Brake, one of the most common behaviours among young drivers is not wearing seatbelts. Co-op research reveals that two fifths (41%) of drivers aged 17-24 have been involved …

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AA’s new Car Genie can predict breakdowns

AA Car Genie diagnostic gadget

The AA has launched a self-install gadget that predicts vehicle breakdowns before they happen. Car Genie simply plugs into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBDII) port and it can report what is going on under the bonnet and predict up to a third of breakdowns. Data is viewable in a corresponding …

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Politeness puts lives at risk

Driving a car

New research suggests that we are more at risk of crashes on the road due to passengers not wanting to upset drivers whilst in the car. The study conducted by young driver insurance brand ingenie discovered that more than half of Brits (51%) admit they’ve been in a car when …

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De-ice, stay safe

Winter driving

One in three motorists involved in car accidents in wintry conditions did not fully de-ice their car. New research by a money saving website has revealed that as many as one third of British motorists either experienced or came close to a car accident this winter after not fully …

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Dash Cam, A Real Evidence Provider In Road Crashes

Car Cam Depot

There was a time when drivers happened to doubt over the effectiveness of dash cams and considered them as a fancy article. Today we witness that driving has become very difficult due to a great increase in the number of commercial and private vehicles. UK roads are getting busier and …

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Driven to distraction

Traffic jam

Children in the car are the No 1 distraction for drivers, according to a new survey. A total of 29% of drivers admitted that their kids are their biggest distraction while driving, according to road safety charity IAM. Busy lifestyles and the constant need to multi-task also score heavily with …

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Rise in Accidents for Motorists in the North East

Rise in North East Accidents

A recent report by the department of transport has shown that the North East of England has shown the biggest increase of road traffic accident rates, killing or seriously injuring people in 2012. The statistics clearly highlight the North East, for the number of road accident casualties in the region …

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