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Leasing an Electric Car – Is it time?

Leasing a car has been popular in the UK for many years with many people choosing this method over a traditional vehicle purchase. Many use this approach as a way to lease luxury cars including brands such as Tesla, BMW and Porsche. Over the past few years, however, the UK …

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The importance of checking your driving licence

Your photocard driving licence probably contains a lot more information than you think, which is why it’s a good idea to check it every now and again. Here,, comparison site for cheap car insurance in the UK, explains how to check your licence and  why it’s important to do …

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Regular or runflat tyres – which are best for you?

Falken ZIEX ZE310 ECORUN FEXM tyres

Runflat tyres have their pros and cons. We road tested a new set of Falken “extended mobility tyres” to find out for ourselves… Unless you have access to state-of-the-art tyre evaluation facilities, there’s no better time to road test new rubber than a straight swap with an existing set on …

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The car fuel system

It goes without saying that your car wouldn’t go very far without the fuel that powers it. The fuel plays a vital role in the combustion process. A precise mixture of fuel and air is ignited inside the engine cylinders, creating the energy needed to propel the car. The fuel …

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Advice for buyers of brand new 72-registration cars

Kia Sportage - 72-registration

Every March 1 and September 1 in the UK the date identifier on new car number plates changes. So, this September the current ’22’ plate (eg AB22 CDE) will change to ’72’ (eg AB72 CDE). Traditionally, more new cars were sold in March and September than the rest of the …

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Why you should use specially formulated engine lubricants for classic cars

By Mark Powell, Business Unit Director at Broughton Lubricants Working on a classic car is an endlessly rewarding hobby, whether you have significant experience with older engines or are picking things up as you go. If you are restoring a vintage vehicle to make it road-worthy, intending to display it …

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Are young Brits pushing the limits too far?

New research reveals the most common traffic offences by young drivers in the UK With time, driving becomes second nature for the majority of us. That ‘new driver’ feeling – the focus and concentration needed to execute the simplest of manoeuvres – soon fades away. Mistakes are easily made in …

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Looking for the most economical car? Here’s our top picks!

Yaris Cross

Looking for your next new car? There are a number of important things to consider before wading in online (or in store) and making a financial commitment. But first you should look at a car valuation, to figure out how much your old motor is worth. Ultimately you’ve gotta know …

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The Different Parking Options at UK Airports

In the year 2020, 23.8 million citizens of the UK were found to be traveling outside their country at least once a year. Whether it is to spend their summer vacations or their Christmas holidays, vacations are a must for almost every family living in the UK. While many prefer …

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Cost-of-living crisis: Fuel saving tips for motorists

Filling up with fuel - Bridgestone

Seven ways you can ease the pain at the pumps… Whether you’re heading off on your summer holidays or coping with high fuel prices day-to-day basis, there’s no harm in trying to squeeze the maximum miles out of your tank of petrol or diesel. We’ve teamed up with tyre giant …

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