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7 Benefits of Leasing an Electric Car

Electric vehicles have been available for several years now, but with the UK Government’s agreement to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, electric vehicles (EVs) are really taking over the car market. Leasing an electric car can be a great way to make the transition …

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The dos and don’ts of driving abroad

Car rental sign at airport

So – you’re heading off on holiday and are planning to drive when you’re there. Exciting times; you’ll get to experience a whole new side of the country you’re visiting, and you’ll have the freedom to explore it as you wish. However, before you jump into the car and head …

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Are You Really Sure You’re Safe On The Road?

After passing our driving test, most of us are excited to get out there and feel the freedom of motoring around from place to place without an instructor there beside us keeping our feet on the ground. After finally proving that you’re good enough and getting away from the shackles, …

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Choosing a Family Car

Choosing the right car for your family is an important decision. It’s one of your biggest financial investments and it matters because you want your family to be safe, comfortable and happy to spend hours at a time in the vehicle. A family car needs to have lots of space …

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Why You Need to Buy UK Car Insurance

Many drivers purchase UK car insurance because this is something they know they need to do. However, it is common for some drivers to purchase auto cover without fully realizing why buying car insurance is a necessity. There are several key reasons why you may need to purchase and maintain …

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What Is The Unique World Like Of An Olympic Athlete?

The life of an Olympic athlete must be intense and exciting, especially in the run up to the London 2012 Games. The whole world is anticipating the biggest sporting event of the year which will take place in England’s capital and a number of documentaries have been launched to offer …

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Top 10 Car Names

Recent research by insurance comparison site has revealed us Brits are a nation of softies, who feel our car is part of the family. Over a quarter of UK motorist even name their beloved cars and 33% even have daily conversations with their ride talking about everything from day …

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Tough times Ahead For Car Dealers

The recession has really taken its toll on the car industry with car sales falling by 17.1 per cent for this year and 13.8 per cent for 2010. Things are not set to end there with, predictions by money gods Ernst and Young suggesting little improvement between now and 2020. …

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Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover is expecting audacious things from its…well rather audacious looking Evoque. The car offers the fuel economy of a mid ranged Ford Focus in a chassis that is actually shorter – not very Land Rover – the company is expecting 90 per cent of Evoque sales to come from …

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