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Can You Turn A Mercedes Sprinter Into A Camper Van?

Ever find yourself daydreaming about a stunning van conversion, decked out with all the extras you need for the dream van-life adventure?

A commonly used van for van conversions is the Mercedes Sprinter. Of course, they’re good-looking, hardy and fuel efficient. They’re also very roomy, making them an ideal choice for exploring the great outdoors.

However, these vans do hold their price tag, so are they worth the purchase for a van conversion? What’s all the hype about?

Read on below to get the lowdown on the Mercedes Sprinter van and why it’s such a popular choice for van conversions, to help you make an informed choice about which van is best for you.

A Variety Of Sizes To Choose From

Sprinter vans are often sought after in the van conversion community because they are spacious and have a 4-wheel drive system that’s great for the bumpy roads of the great outdoors.

They come in a few different lengths, including the 144, the 170 and the 170 extended. These numbers refer to the van’s wheelbase distance, making the Sprinter one of the longest options on the market when it comes to a van conversion project.

Choosing The Right Van

When searching for a Mercedes Sprinter, you’ll want to take into consideration your needs and requirements.

How far do you plan to travel? Does this mean that fuel efficiency will be important to you? Do you have any optional extras that will be a must, such as parking sensors, heated seats or a built-in satnav? Basic choices you must consider include:


Sprinter vans come with a choice between diesel and petrol engines. Diesel engines can be more fuel efficient and sometimes have a longer lifespan, making them the most common choice for Sprinters.

However, with the rising number of low-emissions zones in the UK and Europe, it is recommended that you check whether a diesel van will be exempt before you commit and make your purchase.

Transmission Type

You will be able to choose between automatic and manual transmission. Whilst automatic transmissions are easier to use and more convenient, they are typically more expensive to buy in the first place. Automatic transmissions should be serviced around every 60,000 miles and require more maintenance than manual, so keep that in mind.

Roof Height

The Sprinter van comes in three different roof heights, Low, Medium and High. This is the distance between the floor and the roof of the van, so therefore, you need to keep in mind how much headroom and interior space you’ll require.

Higher vans will be more prone to wind noise and this will reduce fuel consumption, however. Remember some car parks are height restricted too!


The Mercedes Sprinter comes with different seating and storage choices, including front bench seats, captain’s chairs and whether or not you need a bulkhead.

When choosing a van, keep in mind your overall goals of the van conversion, and what you want the final product to be. What will fit in best with this?

converted van

How Much Will A Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Conversion Cost?

This is a question that unfortunately doesn’t have a direct answer. However, the final cost will depend on:

  • The size of the van and the complexity of your plans. Larger conversions with more features will be more expensive.
  • Materials and equipment. The quality of the materials and equipment you use will also have a big impact on the cost. For example, a high-end finish with luxury appliances will increase the price.
  • Location and reputation. If you are choosing to work with a campervan conversion company, their reputation will influence the overall price of the work.

Make sure you also take into account the running expenses of a van. Think about repairs, maintenance, road tax, fuel and a suitable converted van insurance policy.

The Mercedes Sprinter is a great choice if you’re looking to get off the beaten track and do some exploring this summer. They present so many options to create a space that suits your needs and requirements perfectly. Good luck with your project!

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