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“World’s first flying car” is street legal

PAL-V Liberty flying car

Dutch company Pal-V is celebrating a milestone for its Liberty vehicle – billed as “the world’s first flying car”.

From high-speed ovals to rigorous brake and noise pollution testing, the PAL-V Liberty is now allowed on public roads in the EU.

This breakthrough means it’s another step closer to achieving certification for flying.

The Liberty is in effect a trike that converts into a “gyroplane” (the rotors are not powered, unlike a helicopter).

Pal-V says it has a top speed of 100mph and a 0-62mph time of less than nine seconds in road mode.

“When I fired-up the PAL-V for the first time I got goosebumps,” said test driver Hans Joore.

“All the effort that we put into it came together at that crucial moment. Hearing the vehicle come to life was just magnificent and driving it was great.

“It’s very smooth and responsive to the steering and with a weight of just 660 kg it accelerates really well. The overall experience is like a sportscar. It feels sensational.”

Over the coming months, the PAL-V Liberty will undergo endurance testing – on European roads.

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