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Citroen helps smooth over UK’s potholes

Citroen smoothes over Surrey potholes

Citroen has teamed up with Surrey County Council to fill in 200 potholes using an innovative new system.

Enlisting the help of new C5 Aircross SUV Brand Ambassador, Austin Healey, Citroen UK repaired the potholes caused by heavy traffic or severe weather with a little help from Nu-Phalt Contracting’s Jetpatcher process.

Between 2017-2018, more than 905,000 potholes were reported on UK roads. Overall, around 20% of the road network in England and Wales is in poor condition, and up to 41,575 miles of road across the UK could have less than five years of life remaining.

Citroen wants to provide the drivers and residents of Surrey,  the UK’s worst affected area for potholes, with a glimpse into the level of comfort that you can experience every day in its latest models.

The Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, fitted as standard on the C5 Aircross SUV and C4 Cactus, includes Progressive Hydraulic Cushions which filter out bumps and dips in the roads, providing customers with a smooth and comfortable drive.

Citroen C5 Aircross Ambassador Austin Healey

“Since getting behind the wheel of new C5 Aircross SUV, I totally get the benefits of a car with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension,” said ex-rugby star Austin Healey.

“The way it filters out any imperfections in the road is incredible. So nothing gives me greater pleasure than getting stuck in and sharing this experience with the residents of Surrey.”

Citroen helps smooth over Surrey potholes

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