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Top Five Electric City Cars

An electric city car is a fantastic option for city dwellers looking for cost-effective day-to-day commuting. Many models offer great ranges on a single charge and low running costs. It is easy to understand why someone would be incredibly keen to go electric on their next car. 

Especially seeing that the UK’s new petrol and diesel car sales will be banned in 2030 and you can get £2500 off thanks to a government grant on new EVs. 

Here are the top five electric city cars we would recommend.

#1 – Renault Zoe

In the first place, we have the Renault Zoe, and with good reason. This electric hatchback has been around for years and only got better with time, leading the way for its class. The 2020 Zoe boasts an impressive 245-mile range, a far cry from the 130-miles it offered when it first came out.

Another reason that this Renault topped this list is how incredibly kitted out it is as standard. To suit all requirements, you do have a choice between four trims that scale in power as you move through them. 

The Zoe has also achieved a five-star rating from the Euro NCAP crash test. Adults got a score of 89% and children 80%. Not bad at all for this little hatchback. 

#2 – Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has earned the number two spot in this list with ease. Excelling in every area, it is a solid all-rounder. The Leaf pairs an eye-catching exterior with a host of innovative features. These include an 8-inch infotainment screen, rear-view camera and an array of driver assistance systems. Everything you need to have an enjoyable driving experience.  

This supermini walked away with full marks from the Euro NCAP crash test. It had a 93% score on adult occupants and 86% on children. This is particularly impressive when you consider the style of car it is. Packed with innovative safety features, this really didn’t come as a surprise at all. 

#3 – Volkswagen eUP

Next up is the VW e-Up. This supermini is designed to thrive in urban environments. What places this compact car so highly on this list is that every feature has been specifically designed for city life. 

From its 160-mile range to the small turning circle, or even the impressive 0-30 acceleration for weaving through traffic. This range will also be more than enough when it comes to the occasional motorway trip. 

The e-Up only achieves three out of the full five-star rating from Euro NCAP on safety. It offers 81% for adults and 83% for children. Other areas which could have improved this score include AEB and knee airbags.

#4 – SEAT Mii electric

The SEAT Mii is only available as an electric car. A true vote of confidence in its quality from SEAT in the future of EVs. The car comes with rapid charging as standard. This can help with longer journeys when the 160-mile capacity won’t do it in one go. 

Like the Citigo, the Mii only achieves three-stars on the Euro NCAP test whilst the first version earned all five stars.

#5 – Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo offers the perfect blend of affordability and style. What allowed the Citigo to join this list was its spacious cabin, sleek appearance, and low running costs. 

It boasts a range of 170-miles, making it in the middle of the pack on this list. It doesn’t get much more affordable with a full charge from empty costing around £4.60 on a regular tariff.

The 2018 model only scored three-stars on the Euro NCAP crash test. This was a drop from the full five-stars the original model achieved in 2011. This was a factor in the ranking of this supermini.

Time to Select your Next Electric Car

Now you’ve seen the best modern electric cars have to offer in the market today. It’s time to get one to your own. With so many fantastic models to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to go electric today.

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