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Are colour changing cars in our future?

When (now) classics Back to the Future and its much-anticipated sequel hit our screens in 1985 and 1989 (yes, it was that long ago!), it got us all imagining what the future might look like. While time-travelling cars and hover boards haven’t quite come to fruition yet, many of the …

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Stay safe with these winter driving tips

Toyota RAV4

Snow, ice, storms, flooding and fog make winter the most challenging time to drive on our roads. To help you stay safe, Toyota has shared these winter driving tips… Driving tips for snowy and icy roads If your car has a control setting for snow or ice, use it. This …

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‘White van man’ is going green


More than a third of van drivers are considering switching to electric, according to new research. The study carried out by Fiat to mark the launch of its E-Ducato electric van in the UK, found that 35% are considering changing to an EV for their next van. It also revealed …

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Stay safe by testing your motoring knowledge

Car maintenance

Drivers lack knowledge on basic vehicle maintenance which could lead to them driving dangerous vehicles, failing MOTs and being served hefty fines, according to new research. The findings come as many drivers remain off the road or are only using their vehicles occasionally during the third UK lockdown, causing concerns …

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Car buyers reveal hybrid knowledge gap

Honda hybrid

More than half of Brits (52%) believe their next car is likely to be a hybrid vehicle, according to new research by Honda. However, despite this strong intention to go greener, 68% of petrol and diesel drivers reckon they do not know enough to buy one. “While 68% of petrol …

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Is 2021 the Year to Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Ford Mustang inspired electric SUV sketch

Electric vehicles (EVs) were once an ambitious concept for the future, but they have become a reality and a common sight on our roads over the last few years. In 2020, EVs gained significant ground, with more motorists than ever joining the EV revolution. Tesla has been instrumental in this …

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Do Personalised Number Plates Impact Your Car Insurance?

Have you observed the hype around having a private plate number? Maybe you are considering getting one for yourself when the question pops up on how it could affect your insurance premium, suddenly you realize that you have no answers, simply because you just don’t know.  Having a private number …

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