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How To Change Hilux Headlights Bulb

Is your Hilux needing a change of headlights? Allow us to shed some light on the subject. The good news is that you don’t have to take it to a mechanic to change the car headlights, and it doesn’t require any tools, either. The key is to be confident and follow this guide to the tee, and you can do it all by yourself without a hitch.

So, grab your replacement build, head to your Hilux, and let’s get ready to change your headlight’s bulb by following this simple tutorial.

How Do You Change A Hilux Headlight Bulb

To change a Hilux headlight bulb, here is an in-depth guide to help you do the necessary maintenance on your vehicle so you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily on getting a mechanic to do it.

Step 1: Get the correct replacement bulb

Getting the correct headlight bulb is the most crucial step, but thankfully, it’s not too difficult. The Hilux headlights require H4 Halogen bulbs for both dipped beam and main beam application.

Step 2: Open the bonnet

The next step is the easy part; all you have to do is open the bonnet by getting into the vehicle and releasing the lock under the dashboard.  Next, head back over to the front of your Hilux to the headlight you’ll be working with.

Step 3: Remove the rubber cover

With the bonnet open, you’re going to locate the compartment behind the headlight that you need to open in order to replace the bulb. You’ll find a circular rubber cover, which you will need to gently remove by pulling the plug and then pulling it off.

Step 4: Remove the old headlight bulb

Once the cover is off, you will find a clip that holds the headlight bulb in place. You need to unhook the clip, and then you will be able to pull the old bulb out of the compartment. Take it slow and be careful; the area is quite compact, so ensure you do not knock it against anything to avoid breakage.

Step 5: Insert the new headlight bulb

Now, take out the new H4 Halogen bulb. Carefully guide the bulb into the compartment, touching only the base of the bulb. It’s important to ensure the new Halogen bulb does not touch any surface, especially your fingers.

The oils on your fingers could damage the quartz glass and create hot spots on the bulb when it is illuminated – this can cause it to overheat and result in bubbles or cracks, which can result in premature failure.

Step 6: Put the cover back on

With the new headlight bulb fixed securely into the compartment, you can clip it, place the rubber cover back over, and put the plug back in.

Replacing your Hilux headlight bulbs is one of the more simple maintenance tasks on your vehicle. When you follow this step-by-step guide, you’re sure to get the hang of it, and once you’ve had some practice, you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed (figuratively, that is). Now, get out there and light it up!


Are H11 and H4 bulbs different?

Yes, there are a few key differences between the H11 and H4 (also known as a 9003 or 472), and they are not interchangeable. The H11 is a single filament, whereas the H4 has two filaments. These bulbs also have different connectors, tabs and bases.

Can a H4 bulb be replaced with LED?

Yes! It’s possible to replace H4 headlights with LED headlights with your Hilux. It’s essential to ensure that this installation is handled properly and safely, preferably by a professional technician or mechanic.

What size headlight bulb does a Hilux require?

Whether it’s the dipped beam or the full/high beam headlight application, your Hilux will require an H4-size headlight.

Do all Hilux headlights require the same size bulb?

Yes! Unless your Hilux has been fitted with LED headlights, all Hilux models require the same H4 Halogen bulbs for their headlights.

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