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New drivers plan to spend £4,000 on their first car


Newly qualified drivers plan on spending £4,124 on their first car, according to new research.

Pre-17 driving experts at Young Driver surveyed 500 of its customers, who will soon turn 17, to find out what their plans are when they pass their driving test.

Almost two thirds of the respondents (64%) said the new driver would have their own car when they passed their test – with 8% already having one lined up. One in three (29%) said the new driver would solely have use of their parent’s car to begin with. Only 3% would have no access to a vehicle.

When asked how much they were likely to spend on a new car, only 4% said they planned on forking out more than £10,000. Seven per cent were looking at cars under £1,000, with the average amount, from all the responses, being £4,124.

In 60% of cases the car would be bought by a parent or other family member, and for 40% it would be the driver themselves.

A car dealership was the most popular way of securing a new car, with 36% saying that is how they would purchase a vehicle, closely followed by 35% looking online. One in 10 (11%) plan to get a car from friends or family.

Of the new drivers who will be getting a car, the Young Driver research revealed that:

  • 98% will get a used vehicle
  • 84% will get a petrol
  • 12% will get a diesel
  • 4% will get an electric
  • 92% will get a manual

Young Driver launched in 2009 and specialises in teaching 10-17 year olds how to drive, with the aim of creating a safer next generation of drivers.

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