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Your back-to-school vehicle saviour

As the end of the summer holidays approaches, families all over the country are gearing up for the back-to-school season. With a long summer break and possible trips abroad or staycations, many vehicles may have been sitting idle for extended periods. Ensuring these vehicles start smoothly and are ready for the busy school term ahead can be a daunting task. Fortunately, CTEK’s CS FREE battery charger with adaptive boost comes to the rescue, providing families with a reliable solution to keep their cars running efficiently and ensuring a seamless transition back to school.

After a summer of limited use, many vehicles can suffer from under charged or even flat batteries. Starting the school year with a vehicle that won’t start can be incredibly stressful and disrupt the entire family’s routine. The CS FREE has dedicated functions to revive weak batteries and provide a quick and efficient charge, so families can be assured that their vehicles will start without any hiccups on the first day of school.

But what if, on the first day back, you hop into the car and discover a flat battery? The CS FREE comes equipped with an Adaptive Boost feature that can safely start your flat battery within just 15 minutes. It’s a true lifesaver, rescuing you from a potential school run disaster and ensuring you can hit the road with confidence in no time.

As families prepare for a new school year, safety is a top priority. Having a reliable vehicle is crucial in case of emergencies. The CS FREE’s power bank feature is a lifesaver, allowing parents and children to charge their devices on the go, ensuring they are always connected and prepared for unexpected situations.

Mark Poole, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland for CTEK, said: “As the back-to-school season approaches, families can rely on CTEK’s CS FREE smart charger to ensure a smooth transition not only on the school run routine, also to the after school classes and sports clubs. From reviving flat batteries to maintaining optimal battery health, the CS FREE provides a stress-free solution for busy families. With its adaptive boost function and power bank capabilities, parents can count on their vehicles to be reliable and prepared for any situation.”

The CTEK CS FREE is the world’s first truly portable battery charger with maintenance charging and Adaptive Boost technology.  With the CS FREE, all you need to do is simply charge it up, take it with you wherever you go, and use it when you need it.

“The CS FREE features CTEK’s revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology so if you are in parent taxi mode and you find that your car won’t start when you need it to, just connect it up and CS FREE will automatically analyse the state of your battery. It’ll then work out the safest and quickest way to give it the power it needs to start your vehicle, all within 15 minutes. Unlike most ‘boosters’, CS FREE is sensitive and safe, so it avoids damaging your battery or your vehicle’s electronics by only giving it the charge it needs to get you going.”

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