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Close to extinction: the humble Austin Montego

MG Austin Montego

The Austin Montego is the UK’s most endangered car, according to new research., the comparison and switching service, analysed Department for Transport and DVLA data to find out which vehicles have seen their numbers drop the most in the last 25 years.

The Montego, which was launched in 1984 and was also available as a sporty MG-badged version, was a regular feature on our roads and driveways during the ’80s and ’90s.

More than 200,000 models were registered in 1995, compared to 2020 when just 34 remained, meaning 99.98% of Montegos have vanished in the last quarter of a century. reckons one of the big reasons for this decline is that pre-1989 models can only run on leaded petrol, which stopped being sold in the UK in 1999.

UK’s most endangered cars

1Austin Montego34205,283-99.98%
1Fiat Regata314,549-99.98%
1Lada Samara1144,982-99.98%
4Hyundai Pony726,888-99.97%
4Vauxhall Belmont1647,298-99.97%
6Austin Maestro90231,824-99.96%
6Datsun Stanza512,570-99.96%
6Zastava Yugo1127,123-99.96%
6Nissan Stanza511,957-99.96%
10Austin Metro289572,974-99.95%


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