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Top windscreen care tips for the winter

Frosty windscreen - picture courtesy of David Cole

Now the clocks have gone back and the temperature has dropped, we’ve teamed up with Autoglass to give you some timely advice so that you can think ahead and prepare your car for driving in wintry weather conditions.

To protect your windscreen from wind, rain and ice, and avoid dangerous accidents and excessive costs, Eddie Cheuk, a master technician at Autoglass, has developed these six top tips:

Three Dos:
1. Remove ice and snow: If there is any snow or ice on your windscreen, be sure to remove this using a windscreen scraper before setting off. Avoid the temptation to turn on your windscreen wipers until the bulk of snow or ice is removed as this could damage the blades.
2. Slowly increase inside temperature: To ensure that your view is completely clear, angle the car heaters towards the windscreen and slowly increase the temperature, starting on a cold setting to prevent the vehicle from misting up.
3. Use a rain repellent to make de-icing easier: Save yourself time in the morning by applying Rain Repel to your windscreen. The hydrophobic formula stops ice from bonding with the glass making it easier to wipe the ice off. Rain repellent also causes sleet and rain to run rapidly off the windscreen, so is perfect for motorway driving in rainy weather. One application takes approximately 12 minutes and is effective for up to four months.

Three Don’ts:
1. Leave your engine running or unattended: Leaving your engine idling on a public road whilst de-icing your windscreen is against the law and could result in a fine. It is also unlikely the insurance policy will be valid if the car is left unattended with the keys in the ignition.
2. Grab the closest sharp edge: Many motorists admit to using credit cards or CDs to scrape ice from their windscreens instead of car-specific scrapers. Not only can this snap or damage your card, it can leave scratches on the glass.
3. Boil the kettle: Pouring boiling water on a frozen windscreen creates a sudden change in the temperature which can crack the glass.

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