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4 Tips To Prevent The Possibility of Keyless Car Theft

Keyless theft, also known as Relay Theft, is when a thief hacks the keys to a ‘keyless entry’ car through a device from outside the victim’s house.  In this kind of theft, all that a thief needs is to be close to the sensor key and he can easily hack …

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Revealed: TikTok’s most popular cars

Ford Mustang

TikTok is best known for its viral dances and challenges, but did you know that there are also thousands of car videos on the app too? These videos have racked up billions of views, but which makes and models are the most popular on TikTok? Researchers at comparison and switching …

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Driving peace of mind with all-season tyres


We get to grips with a set of Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 tyres The weather here in the UK is highly changeable. It’s said that we talk about it more than any other nation and we have more words to describe it than any other language. There are even times …

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Why young people are stalling on driving

Young Driver - IAM RoadSmart

New research by IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, gives an insight into why 17 to 24-year-olds have put the brakes on learning to drive. Of 1,000 young drivers surveyed, cost concerns were number one reason why youngsters have been put off learning to drive. The price …

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Your chance to become a luxury car test driver


Leading car rental service SIXT is offering a dream driving experience for a lucky entrant. If successful, you will fill a very important role within the company – test driving the luxury car range. You’ll be leaving your old car at home and swapping it out for some of the …

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Two-thirds of British drivers support the introduction of driving retests for the over 70s

More than 60 per cent of UK drivers believe that driving retests for the over 70s should be made mandatory, according to newly released data. The research, published today by used car buying and finance service Choose My Car, proves the majority of British drivers believe the over 70s should …

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Top 10 reasons drivers are embarrassed about their cars


One in six motorists are self-conscious of their car and almost half feel their motor deserves more care than it’s currently given, according to a new study of 2,000 drivers. More than a third are simply embarrassed by the mess their car is in, 41 per cent reckon they are …

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Top tips for travelling with children


Car seat experts Graco have launched a safety campaign in collaboration with Halfords and Dadsnet, aiming to help parents achieve the ultimate goal – safe and happy car journeys with kids. According to research conmductred with Graco’s 15,000 Instagram followers, parents prioritise three key factors for journeys – safety, entertainment …

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Why the all-new Nissan Qashqai is heaven scent


Meet Peter Karl Eastland – the man who Nissan claims has helped achieve that coveted ‘new-car smell’ for the latest Qashqai. Peter, who’s an Odour Evaluation Lead Engineer based at Nissan Technical Centre Europe, is blessed with an extremely acute sense of smell – a gift he realised he had …

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Top 30 pet names Brits give to their cars

David Baddiel - The Adventures of Pre-Loved Cars

Betsy, George and Beast have topped a list of the most popular ‘pet’ names for cherished cars. A study of 2,000 drivers found four in 10 have named a car, with Bessie, Betty, Bertha, and Bertie also common monikers. Boris, Lucy, and Dolly completed the top 10, with other popular …

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