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Top 6 Luxurious cars to consider in 2024

Luxurious cars have always been sought after since the invention of the very first modern automobile in 1885.

There is now a real demand for luxury cars. This article will list six of the most luxurious cars to consider buying in 2024.

Why people buy luxury cars

Everything in a luxury car has been designed by the top car designers and built by the world’s best engineers.

The automobile has then been tested several times and subjected to multiple quality checks. Every part of a luxury car needs to be of high-quality for the whole automobile to be exceptionally luxurious.

These automobiles are synonymous with high social status and financial opulence. They reflect the owner’s luxurious lifestyle.

For example, these types of automobiles can usually be found at the top hotels. Many guests arrive at a five-star, luxury hotel in their expensive car.

Similarly, many individuals arrive at iconic land-based casinos in a luxury car. Staying in top hotels and visiting historic casinos are common activities for those with expensive lifestyles.

However, land-based casino gaming is slowly declining. Many players opt for online casino gaming instead.

This is due to the number of options, including convenience, that online casinos offer. Many players now enjoy the convenience of playing via mobile to instantly access their favourite games, paying by mobile casinos made simple by many online providers too.

Luxury cars are now less common at land-based casinos but can still be found near expensive neighbourhoods, hotels, and restaurants.

Some of the most famous, living, luxury car designers include Ian Callum, Lorenzo Ramaciotti and Wolfgang Egger.

Ian Callum is a British car design director who designed the Aston Martin DB7 car. Lorenzo Ramaciotti is an Italian car design director who designed the Ferrari 456GT and the Enzo Ferrari cars.

Wolfgang Egger is the German head of design of the Audi Group. He is responsible for the 2022 Seat Ibiza, Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione, and several other Alfa Romeo models.


Top 6 luxurious cars to consider buying in 2024

Here are six top luxurious cars.


This model is perfect for those who want privacy and anonymity in their car. This extremely elegant car has an incredibly spacious rear cabin with plush and comfortable seats.

Inside, the car’s ceiling imitates a starry night sky to create a relaxing and magical atmosphere for passengers in the back.

Like the other cars on this list, the 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom can be customized and configured depending on the client’s needs.

Fans of automobiles will love to experience this 2023 model and its all-new 6.75-liter, twin-turbo V12.



This model is a great British luxury car. Discover Bentley’s 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine inside this beautiful new car model. Useful features in this car include:

  • Bentley connected services (i.e. option to pre-heat the car to an optimum temperature)
  • Built-in WIFI and hotspots
  • Wireless charging
  • Apple CarPlay (to help you connect your devices to the car)
  • Intelligent Driver Assistance tools


For those with a slightly lower budget, there is the luxurious 2023 Bentley Bentayga. It is slightly more affordable.


  • 2023 Mercredes-Maybach S-Class


This Mercedes model is a handcrafted car with a 6 litre, V12 biturbo engine, 621 hp and a cargo capacity of 12.3 cu ft.

Why not experience it for yourself by scheduling a test drive with the company? This service is available to prospective buyers.


  • 2022 Toyota Century


Why not buy a 4-door Toyota limousine on your next trip to Japan? This classic model has seen some slight alterations but retains all of its elegance and comfort.

If this model is not to your liking, there are other great Toyota models available in the UK. There are also some 24-hour test drives for those who would like to test out a Toyota car before buying it.


  • 2023 BMW Alpina XB7


With the latest 4.4. litre V8 engine generation and a strong design, this new model is ideal for families who enjoy going on long trips and need a sturdy car.


  • 2023 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive


Porsche is one of the world’s most famous luxury car brands. This new model released in 2023 is a perfect reflection of the brand’s impeccable taste.

This model perfectly combines sporty driving and comfort. Passengers sitting in the backseats will benefit from more space, with comfortable seats and generous leg room.

The car also includes several assistance systems that offer drivers a hassle-free experience and protect them from other drivers (i.e. Lane Keep Assist and Lane Change Assist systems).

Other features include:

  • a head-up display that uses new technology.
  • 20 and 21-inch tires that are part of a new tire generation.
  • 620 hp (max power)
  • the option to ‘build your Porsche’ or customize it entirely before purchasing it.
  • other features and additional options like Porsche’s Innodrive


Final thoughts

Feel free to leave us a comment with your favourite car of the list. There are many more luxurious cars on the market so do let us know if you have tried out another car that you would like to recommend.


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