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How Do I Sell My Luxury Car?

Selling your luxury car quickly, hassle-free, and at the right price may seem impossible, but at WeBuyPrestigeCar we know a thing or two about the luxury vehicle market and we want to help you get the best deal possible!

Ready? Then let’s go over our top tips for selling your luxury car easily.

Tips To Sell A Luxury Car

1. Don’t Waste Time On Ads

Not everyone can afford a luxury car upfront, in fact, most who do own one took out personal loans or purchased them through finance deals. This makes it a niche market with few private buyers who can actually afford your prestige vehicle. 

Our tip is simple: do not pour your time and money into general online advertising platforms. The likelihood of finding someone who is genuinely interested in your vehicle and can truly afford it on classified websites is slim to none. So what can you do? 

2. Know All Your Options

There are plenty of avenues you can take when selling a luxury car. The internet makes it easy to research your options, connect with customers and fellow car owners who have been in your shoes. Here is a quick summary of where you can sell your prestige vehicle:

  • Dealerships: In a dealership, the older the vehicle, the less money you will make. This is because dealerships tend to knock down the price to increase their own margins when they resell it. Not the strategy you want to opt for when selling a luxury car.
  • Private buyers: selling to a private buyer may result in a higher profit than through a dealership, however, it is time-consuming and will likely steal all your free hours. Options such as “word of mouth”, where you hope that your friends or family know someone who is on the market for a luxury vehicle, offer no guarantees that you might actually find someone who will pay a fair price for your car.
  • Selling your car online: this option is perhaps the quickest and cheapest one. However, always beware of the sites you use, trust credible sources, and if the website you visit is linked to any car selling scam stories, use our “better safe than sorry” policy.

There are multiple ways to sell your vehicle, so if private selling is the way you want to go, you should create a car selling deadline. Make sure you set a realistic date, after which you agree to explore other options so you can stop spending all your waking hours trying to sell your car. We suggest you take a look at our guide on how to sell your luxury car quickly.

3. Know Your Stuff

If you want to sell your luxury car through the second-hand market, an acquaintance or a dealer, you need to remember that whoever is buying it is likely to be passionate about prestige vehicles, and have a fair few questions regarding your automobile. So, you need to be well-acquainted with your luxury vehicle.

Start by gathering all the paperwork you need: take a look at our guide “What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Car” to make sure you don’t miss anything. Selling a luxury car requires you to be as detailed as possible about what you can offer potential buyers. 

The golden rule is “Be an informed seller”: do your research beforehand, find out the value of your car and have a pricing strategy in place. Remember to create a realistic target price: too high and you will be looking at your car parked and losing value every second, too low and you will be losing money, as well as regret selling it for cheap a few months down the line. Use our Value My Car tool to get a free, no-obligation vehicle quote.

4. Prep Your Car Inside And Out

When it comes to selling a luxury vehicle, it’s safe to assume your potential buyer will likely know more about high-end automobiles than the average consumer. That’s why you should make sure your car looks good and works accurately: your vehicle needs to be worth the price in terms of appearance and quality.

If you have done all your research, you will know the average value of your car and understand what mechanical work is worth investing in. And if nothing massive needs to be addressed, focus on fixing the small car troubles, like those accidental bumper scratches.

Don’t forget to give your vehicle a good deep clean. A luxury car needs to scream “luxury” and step one is a presentable interior, so vacuum, wash the seats and carpets and give it a few sprays of that brand-new car smell. 

5. Never Lie

If you’ve got other offers say so, but if you don’t: silence is the best policy. Don’t discourage potential buyers right off the bat with a fake astronomical competing offer, you will likely never hear from them again. 

Likewise, and this applies to all vehicles (luxury or not), you should never lie about your car’s accident history or whether you have your car title ready to transfer. Yes, it may seem like the way to go if you want to close a quick sale, but not disclosing all the details will make you seem untrustworthy and, if your sales documents aren’t drafted yet, you will certainly be left in a worse state: with a car, you can’t sell and a reputation of being distrustful.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Luxury Car

From our experience, specialist car selling websites are more reliable when it comes to trading luxury vehicles. Contacting a prestige car buyer like WeBuyPrestigeCar is one of the safest and easiest ways to sell your luxury automobile. 

You are guaranteed to have a prestige car expert analyse your vehicle (not just a computer algorithm), who understands that small details matter and that the true value of your automobile goes beyond the base model. At WeBuyPrestigeCar, we understand the luxury vehicle market better than anyone, and we perform nationwide collection to make the process of parting ways with your prestige car even easier.
Ready to sell? Then enter your vehicle reg number here and get a free, no-obligation valuation.

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