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The essential tools you need to start your own automotive repair business

Thinking about starting your own car repair business? For any experienced mechanic, the idea of working for yourself is a big step – but it can also be the most logical. After fine-tuning your skills while working for someone else, why not put them to use on your own terms? There are millions of cars on British roads. Each of them will need servicing at some point. And it means there are always opportunities for mechanics who are ready to set up shop on their own. 

Of course, starting your own automotive repair business needs careful preparation. Part of this is making sure that you have all the essential tools you need to get the job done. Here are just some of the all-important gadgets, appliances, and machines to make your business a success.    

Engine hoists 

As any mechanic will tell you, no car is complete without an engine. If it develops a fault, your car is going nowhere. So, it’s impossible to imagine setting up an automotive business without a hoist. If an engine needs repairing or replacing, it’s the only way to remove it safely. 

Lifts and transmission jacks 

In terms of the most common car faults, the clutch and/or gearbox are often among the worst offenders. To make sure that your new business is equipped to fix them, a transmission jack is the very least you need. It’ll raise the car up so that you can work on the gearbox. Even better is a full-blown vehicle lift, which means you won’t be working on your back in tight spaces.  

Air-powered tools 

Air-powered tools can often deliver more power than electric hand tools. This can help reduce the time needed to complete repair jobs. They can also be especially useful if you’re planning on specialising in restoration. With an air drill, for example, you can remove rivets from brake discs and drill other holes without the risk of overheating. It’s certainly worth thinking about. 

Oil caddies and drainage 

For any automotive repair business, there are some “basic” services that simply must be done. Changing the oil or transmission fluid is one such service. But what to do with the oil/fluid you need to drain from the car? That’s where a caddy system comes in. The most important factor is whether your drainage system is big enough to handle the volumes you’re dealing with. 

Battery charging and diagnostics 

It’s another one of those relatively simple services for a skilled mechanic such as yourself. But it’s no less important. A dead or flat battery can be a major nuisance and customers will come to you to breathe new life into it. So, don’t be opening up without a good supply of jump leads. You can include diagnostic devices too in order to better identify any potential battery issues. 

You’ll no doubt find there are other gadgets and appliances that are ‘must-haves’ for your new car repair business. But the options above should very much be on your shopping list as you’re starting out. Otherwise, you could find that no amount of skills and experience will help you fix the problems that customers come to you with.   

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