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5 Steps to Replace Your Car Clutch

Car clutches allow us to shift gears and drive. However, they are subject to wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced. The good news is that a clutch plate replacement is relatively straightforward if you have the space and the tools. Below, we will walk you through the five steps necessary to replace your car’s clutch.

1. Prep

With the car in a secure position – preferably with jack stands to lift the front and chocks behind the back wheels – start to remove the transaxle. Disconnect the clutch cable now and also disconnect the battery (at least the positive cable).

2. Engine Mount

Replacing car clutches requires the removal of at least one engine mount. You will need to remove the mount bolts and then remove the bolts around the flywheel bell housing to get the transaxle out. Once the bolts are out, push on the transaxle until the pressure plate is visible.

3. Removal

With the transaxle out of the way, you can now access the bolts that hold the pressure plate in place. Slide the clutch disc out, as well. Next, inspect the flywheel for signs of damage. Do you see signs of wear, called hotspots? If so, it will need to be repaired or replaced. While you are working on the transmission, clean all the grime and debris from the crankshaft flange (before reinstalling the flywheel). Reinstall the repaired (or replaced) flywheel and torque the bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.

4. Clutch Replacement

Now it’s time for clutch plate replacement. Install the new clutch disc by sliding the new one into place. You will need a clutch alignment tool to ensure it is in the proper position. Next, bolt on the pressure plate. Do not tighten all the bolts fully, though. To avoid warping the pressure plate, you’ll need to tighten one bolt one-quarter of the way and then move to the next, continually moving around the plate until all the bolts are tight.

5. Put the Transaxle Back

Line up the transaxle with the splined hole in the clutch disc. Move the transaxle forward and the input shaft should slide into the hole easily. Next, replace all the bolts and make sure they are tight. Replace the engine mount and bolts, then reconnect the clutch cable and battery cable.

Replacing your own clutch can be simple. However, quality is important when buying replacement car clutches. Get in touch with your local online clutch provider to browse a wide range of high-quality clutch kits.

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