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The Best Optional Extras to Add When Buying or Leasing a New Car

So, you’ve decided to get a new car. You know the vehicle you want, and now it’s time to go through the customisation process before taking the plunge. Get ready for a whole host of optional extras to add to your car.

While it’s exciting to customise your new vehicle, it can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice. Do you really need that to spend all that extra cash? And more importantly, what is it? 

Fear not, we’ve created the list below of optional extras that you should consider and the ones that add little value to your new car. Don’t waste your money, read this first. 

The Optional Extras on Cars That Add Value

Air Conditioning

Ok, we don’t live in a place like Dubai, so it’s not boiling hot all year round in the UK. But, it does heat up in the summer, and air conditioning vastly improves your driving comfort. You won’t need to sweat profusely on those long commutes or weekend drives, and you won’t stick to the leather seats (if you add them, see below). 

Air con is also a safety feature. Heat can make you irritated, distracted and drowsy while driving on the road. It’s a recipe for disaster. Your air con will deliver fresh, cool air that keeps you focused on the roads and feeling comfortable. 

Parking Sensors

Not everyone is keen on parking. If you live in an area where parking spaces are tight, parking sensors can be a game-changer. Adding parking sensors will provide you with sensors installed to the front and rear of your new car. Basic parking sensors will guide you using a beeping noise, which will get more intense as you get closer to surrounding vehicles or objects. 

Advance parking sensors may come with cameras installed with a video display in your central dashboard or rearview mirror. You can then see the space you need to manoeuvre into, making even the most challenging parking spaces a breeze. Goodbye, awkward parallel parking! 


What’s driving without singing to your favourite tunes as you fly down the open road? Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your music seamlessly without messing around with your device and getting distracted, keeping you safe on the road. 

Bluetooth is also great for navigation apps, allowing you to listen to the guidance as you drive and helping you arrive at your destination safely. Bluetooth comes as standard in the majority of new vehicles but not all. 

Some modern cars even offer Apple CarPlay and Android Audio for improved Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. These services may allow you to change the music track, album, artist and access your phone book through your car’s built-in screen display. 

The Optional Extras That Aren’t Worth the Extra Cash

CD Changers

Ahem, it’s 2021. Is there any need in adding a CD changer to your vehicle? Not only are they expensive but music sounds better in MP3 format anyway. It’s also much easier to flick through songs and albums using Bluetooth. No messing about trying to find “the right” CD for the journey. Your smartphone can play thousands of albums and songs at the touch of a button. 

LED Lights

LED lights seem to be all the rage with motorists, but they’re a completely unnecessary addition. Modern headlights on new vehicles are more than capable of providing clear sight even down the darkest of streets. 

LED lights can also be a massive annoyance to your fellow drivers. 51% of motorists say they believe powerful LED headlights are to blame for being blinded and dazzled while on the road. They may look cool, but LED lights are proving to be dangerous. There have even been petitions to ban them entirely from new vehicles.

Leather Seats

If you’re buying a new Mercedes or Aston Martin, you likely want leather seats. But, those purchasing a hatchback or family SUV needn’t spend the extra money. Pets, kids and everyday driving wears and tears leather in no time at all, which then decreases your car’s value when it comes to selling it on the market. 

Leather seats are best reserved for the expensive sports car, not the family car. 

Before you buy or lease your next car, make sure to only include optional extras that add value to your driving experience. 

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