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Auto Detailing Guide: Which Colour is the Ideal one for your Car?

The automotive world offers a plethora of options when it comes to its various parts, modifications, models, and of course, colours. Even though we may not view colours as a primal aspect when planning to buy a car, however, there is an emotional view involved in finalizing a car’s look. We have had so many people asking which car colour is the best to buy, which usually translates into which colour leads to minimal care and maintenance. The sporty ones go for red while the more serious ones opt for black and so on.

If you’re stumbling across this article while planning the appearance and overall look of your car and are utterly indecisive on the colour, we are here to help. In this article, we will talk about the various popular car colours along with their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision and commitment to your choice of machine. Let’s get started. 

Black – The Most Popular Choice

People often have the misconception that since black is the most popular choice, it must somehow be associated with being easy to maintain and care for. However, the truth cannot be any farther away from the assumption. 

Most car owners choose the dazzling Black colour as it enhances the overall look and feel of the car.  And let’s face it, a well-maintained Black Car is bound to gather attention everywhere you drive it too. However, it comes with its down side.. 

Talking to one of the best car garages in the UK, we gathered the view that Black is one of the most dramatic and visually appealing colours, however, it leaves the owner frustrated over the maintenance and care the colour demands. Before you make an emotional decision, let’s take a look at all that can go wrong with the colour black. 

  • It is one of the hottest colours since black absorbs the largest amount of heat. This does not just heat the exteriors of the car, but also leads to a heated cabin. You might want to stay clear if you live in a hot, humid climate. 
  • Hardest to keep clean – The accumulation of dust, grime, scratches, and debris is most easily visible on a black car. From the moment you step out of the cleaning centre, the entire process will start again. It makes every nuance of the paint and other flaws very noticeable. 
  • If you’re someone who likes to keep their vehicle clean and shiny, black cars are going to take a good amount of your time and energy to maintain  the shiny, sleek look. 

 White – The Supposed Solution

At the opposite end of the spectrum, white colours are known to take away the prize when car owners complain about their black cars. Of course, it’s not the only solution to cars that are hard to maintain, but they are a pretty common sight on the UK roads. In fact, White  is also one of the favourite car colours. And contrary to popular belief, white cars are less demanding in terms of cleaning and maintenance. However, they are also known to show the road grime kicked up by tyres more than any other colour. 

Let’s look at some reasons why white is so popular:

  • It happens to be one of the easiest colours to care for and maintain since it hides the dust, dirt, and grime very well. As a very forgiving colour, it is one of the  top 3 colours for ease of maintenance. 
  • White makes your car look bigger and more spacious when compared to any other colour, especially darker ones. 
  • It’s not as hot as the black car and maintains the temperature pretty well. 
  • Hides the Scratches and marks that may be caused due to accidents or while cleaning, keeping the car as good as new for the longest time. 

We have looked at the two most popular colours when it comes to cars. In the rest of the article, we will look  at some other popular car colours that are most commonly seen on our roads. 


Probably the most popular after black and white, the colour grey is a popular choice  since it amalgamates both the good things from each colour and looks great.. 

Grey is known to be the easiest colour to clean, as it  hidesthe dust and dirt extremely well elongating the time you need to rush for a car garage service. Since it is  not a dark colour, it  reflectsthe heat well and gives an elegant overall look. 


Silver Cars are at par with Grey ones when it comes to popularity and ease of maintenance and cleaning. The colour hides the dust and grime much more efficiently than any other colour, along with hiding the lower panel dust.  Like the white,  it is very forgiving when it comes to heat building up. 


People tend to associate red with sports cars, however, it is still a very popular choice when it comes to everyday cars. When comparing its ease to keep clean, it fairs well just below white, grey, and silver. Whilst it  gathers the dust, spider-webs, marks, and scratches more easily than the lighter colours, it masks mud on the lower sections better than the lighter colours.

In comparison to the darker colours, it is much friendlier in terms of heat transfer from the sun’s  UV rays. . And of course, Red Cars really do grab people’sattention.


Yellow cars might not be a very common sight around the city, but they do have their  fan base. As a darker colour, they are good at hiding the dust, however, it highlights the mud on the lower panels that builds up if you drive in the rain. It  is relatively easytokeep clean when compared to the darker colours, but not as easy as  white, grey, and silver colours. 


The maintenance of the blue colour is dependent on the shade of colour. If you opt for a lighter colour, it is easier to hide the dust, debris, grime, scratches and other imperfections. However, if you opt for a metallic finish, they are more difficult to clean and maintain. Moreover, the darker colour heats up more  in the hot climate, which is not a very appealing feature. 

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