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Alloy Wheels or Steel Wheels – Take Your Pick!

Much is made of the fact that steel wheels are sturdier and cheaper than alloy wheels, and those who are only concerned with budget are content to stick with steel wheels. But alloy wheels have their own advantages, and those who take the time to properly weigh up the pros and cons over time often find that this easy superficial saving is not as great as it first appears.

Durable is Relative

While steel wheels are definitely stronger than alloys, this does not mean that alloy wheels are fragile especially when being driven on the basically good roads to be found in Essex. Were you to be driving in an intense, bone-shaking rally over bad roads, then steel wheels might have the sturdier edge, but other than that, for a careful driver, alloys are more than strong enough to do the job.

Cost Saving Depreciates in Time

While at the point of sale, you will spend a lot more on a set of alloy wheels compared to steel wheels, this large margin does not remain. This is due to the main benefits of alloy wheels – their incredible lightness. Alloy wheels being light is one reason why alloys have been embraced by the racing community: it allows the cars to drive much faster – but the lightness of the alloys has a knock-on effect elsewhere in the vehicle.

Reduced Wear and Tear

When your vehicle is lighter, especially in unsprung weight, such as the tyres and wheels, the friction on the car’s working parts is dramatically reduced, meaning that your larger outlay when buying the tyres can see most, if not all, of that saving come back to you. Your wheels, the axle on which they are mounted and your steering system are all placed under a reduced burden, which can delay the onset of problems or breakdowns by months, and even years.

They Are So Pretty!

A final reason to choose alloy wheels is that they look stunning, especially when you choose a decorative colourful set with swirling spokes and cut outs making gorgeous shapes, that look just as good when the car is in motion as they do when stationary. You may think this is a trivial reason for purchasing more expensive wheels, but consider the psychological effect of having a beautiful vehicle – you will want to take good care of it, and will drive more carefully than usual! There really is no reason to choose steel wheels over alloy wheels!

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