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5 necessary van accessories for the interior

The interior of your van is a reflection of your company and yourself. Keeping it nice and tidy plays an important part in making your daily work as productive as possible, as well as to leave a good impression with your clients. 

Van accessories for the interior helps organise the cargo space, making it easier and faster to find the materials, tools and consumables you need. Here are the five necessary interior van accessories you need to turn your van into a highly efficient mobile workplace.


Something as simple as shelves acts as one of the most important interior van accessories allowing you to make the most out of the vertical space in your van interior. Fit them with an assortment of boxes and crates and you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires and tools lying in heaps all over the floor, or risk losing important consumables.


Safe and easily accessible. Drawers either under or above the floor provide plenty of storage space mounted on wheels for easy access. False floor drawers are an especially popular choice to make the most out of your cargo space, taking up no floor space while still providing plenty of storage for all your tools, materials and consumables.

Tool cases

Mobile tool cases are a great way to carry tools and consumables directly from the van to the job, allowing your workforce to keep a set of tools and components handily in one place, ready for use whenever.

Tool holders

A craftsman’s tools are like a chef’s knife or a painter’s brush. They need to be handled with utmost care and always be readily accessible whenever they are needed. Installing different tool holders in the shape of hooks and racks in conjunction with panels and shelves makes sure all your tools are stored safely and securely, always accessible within an arm’s reach.

Interior lighting

When it comes to the inside of the van, you need a van lighting interior system that keeps every part of the van lit up, with no annoying dark spots where things can hide. Good interior lighting is important both for your safety as well as your productivity. 

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