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The five least reliable car brands 2020

There are few sinking feelings that we dread more than your car suddenly failing you while you’re driving.

The rearranged plans, the costly repair bills, the staying indoors – it’s a nightmare! If you’re in the market for a new car you’ll want something that you can rely on, a motor that can get you from A to B and beyond time and time again.

Looking at data provided by Warrantywise, here are the five brands you might want to avoid if you want to keep your car out of the garage and onto the road.

5. Lamborghini (avg mileage: 11,966, avg repair cost £2,709.40)

The raging bull on the Lambo badge perhaps sums up the brand more than people might realise. Lamborghinis have topped the list for the nation’s single costliest repairs on several occasions in recent years, with an eye-watering £9,000 shelled out for a cooling fan motor repair on an Aventador in 2018.

4. Bentley (avg mileage: 26,375, avg repair cost £2,260.07)

According to Warrantywise, the Bentley Continental GT is the number-one worst car you can buy for reliability, with one electrical issue resulting in a bill of over £10,000 to repair! Bentley’s legacy may well have been built on success in the Le Mans 24 Hours in the 1920s, but you wouldn’t want to push any of their modern chargers to the limit by the look of things.

3. Rolls Royce (avg mileage: 37,569, avg repair cost £2,771.53)

The double-R log, the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament, those reverse-opening rear doors. Designs on ‘Rollers’ will remain iconic for generations, but the cost of parts for them can be truly mind-bending. Given the company is also famed for building aeroplanes, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve picked up a jet engine when you see the repair bill!

2. McLaren (avg mileage: 18,195, avg repair cost £4,165.56)

Founded on the back of the successful Formula 1 team of the same name, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether road-car owners or the racing team face bigger repair bills when it comes to McLaren models. The brand has pushed the limits of technology in recent years and their ‘Senna’ hypercar is an instant classic – those parts don’t come cheap though…

1. Ferrari (avg mileage: 19,068, avg repair cost £4,913.46)

The prancing horse may be a status of power and great wealth, but what good is all that money if so much of it ends up in the pockets of your local mechanic? According to Warrantywise’s data, a huge 62% of Ferrari owners ended up making a claim. Maybe the temptation to stamp down on the loud pedal and pretend you’re Michael Schumacher just proves too strong for some!

Did some of the names there surprise you? OK, so maybe if you’re in the market for reliability, you might be looking at a different end of the market, but it always pays to be aware of what models are giving their owners headaches, and which ones have put the biggest smile on faces while out and about.

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