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The Best Automotive Accessories for Bad Weather

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Like all of us, you want to keep your car as nice as can be for as long as possible. But no matter what region you live in, the weather will take its toll on your auto eventually. Snow, sleet, and even sunshine can damage your vehicle’s finish, upholstery, and more over time. This degradation not only makes your vehicle look worse, but it also lowers its resale value, costing you money.

Much of this damage is irreversible, but luckily it is all preventable. With the right protective accessories, you can keep your vehicle in great shape year after year and winter after winter. Below, we’ll tell you about the best automotive accessories for bad weather and brutal winters.

Floor Liners

When it rains or snows, your shoes collect moisture which is then dragged inside of your vehicle’s interior. This added moisture (which may contain salt or ice-melt) along with the daily wear and tear of driving will break down the factory installed carpet on your vehicle’s floorboards. Custom-made all-weather floor mats are designed to collect and contain everything from dripping water, to mud, or even spilled coffee. Tesla Model 3 floor mats, for instance, are made specifically for that vehicle and will fit snugly into the Model 3’s floors. These mats will help preserve your floors as well as bring a new, more elegant style to your interior.

Window Deflectors

When it comes to keeping moisture at bay, another great tool is a set of window visors or deflectors. These rain shields allow you to keep your windows cracked while you drive even in rain or snow. The result is crisp fresh air for your drive without any excess moisture landing on the inside of your car. Deflectors will also come in handy during hot summer days when intense heat can warp or crack everything from your steering wheel to your OE upholstery. With a set of window visors installed, you can leave your windows cracked while your car is parked to keep your interior cooler without worrying about thieving hands or a sudden rainstorm.

Seat Covers

If keeping your upholstery from cracking and warping is high on your priority list, custom-fitting seat liners are an absolute must. Unlike so-called “universal fit” seat covers that actually make your interior look worse, custom-fit covers are made-to-order so they’ll hug each curve and contours of your factory installed seats and upholstery. All considered, most custom seat covers appear to be a complete reupholstering job, whether they be F-150 seat covers or seat covers for a Honda Civic. Once in place seat covers can protect your OE material from moisture as well as the deterioration that comes with prolonged exposure to UV-rays.

Car Covers

If you need to bring out the big guns when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s finish, a made-to-order car cover is the only way to go. One of the most difficult tasks in preserving a vehicle is ensuring the OE finish stays radiant and vivid, but unfortunately rain, snow, and sunshine will all weaken the enamel of your finish over time. Therefore when your vehicle is parked, you’d be smart to cover it with a custom-made car cover. Letting interior moisture escape but blocking exterior precipitation and UV-rays, a car cover can greatly improve the long term value of your ride. A MINI cooper car cover, for example, is custom-made for your cooper and will keep the exterior protected from harsh weather wear that decrease its value.

Now you’re ready to keep your vehicle looking great for the long haul. When you dodge the worst attacks the weather has to offer, you can keep your car looking great for years to come and retain a better resale value when it comes time to sell or trade.

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