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5 Ways to Own the Car You’ve Always Dreamed Of

So you’re sitting at the lights in your old Ford Fiesta, and your dream car catches your eye as it pulls up alongside you. You might be wondering how people can afford your dream car or that you wish it was you driving it. The reality is that nothing is impossible. If you want to own your dream car, you can. Here are some helpful tips on how that impossible dream can be made possible.


If you’re already facing up to the fact that you won’t get anywhere near owning your dream car as it’s far too expensive, how about entering a giveaway? There are plenty of places that give away cars as a way to either gain new customers or to just get your details for future marketing.

Take a casino for example. You might walk into a land casino in London or anywhere in the country to find a beautiful car sitting in the lobby ready for someone to take it away. There’s normally a small entry fee such as £10, £25 or £50, but what a chance that is to own your dream car. Even some online casinos offer cars as a prize via their competitions. They’re sometimes free to enter too! Check out an up-to-date list of online casinos to see if anyone is giving away a car. You might be surprised to find that huge competition are a regular thing at casinos.

It’s not only casinos that give away cars. You can enter competitions via text on TV shows. ITV is a prime example. They love to give away a car on This Morning, so why not enter if for the price of around £2 or so. Ok so those £2’s might start adding up if you enter too many, but it’s worth a shot. Car manufacturers like to do competitions to win one of their new cars on occasions too. Check out their websites from time to time and enter any that you find. It might not be your ideal car, but it’s still better than a kick in the teeth.

Your dream car might be the Aston Martin Vantage. You’re never going to own that realistically unless you’re in an incredibly financially rewarding job, so a giveaway could be a good way to go.

0% Finance

Now it’s not recommended that you do this if you can’t afford it. Please only consider this if you can afford the repayments. A new car on a 0% finance deal could be a great way of owning the car you’ve always wanted if you can’t afford to stump up the cash at once.


It’s not for everyone of course, but leasing could be an option. The catch here is that you won’t actually own your dream car, but you’ll get to drive it for a few years. Well, you could own it at the end of the lease actually, as you might have the option to pay a lump sum to own the car outright by paying what is called a balloon payment. This is essentially paying a large sum at the end of a loan deal that’s a lot higher than the monthly payments you’ve already been making.

There are certain terms attached to leasing, though, such as a mileage limit per year, so make sure you read the key terms and conditions before deciding if leasing your dream car is a realistic option for you.

Additional Driver Insurance

Ok, so if your dream car is the Vantage, then you might not know anyone who owns one. But if your dream car is, say, a BMW X5, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that someone you know might own one. If that’s the case, why not consider asking them to stick you on their insurance as an additional driver? In some cases, adding an extra driver to an insurance policy weirdly lowers the yearly cost. Again, you won’t officially be owning the car outright, but it’s a great option to consider if you want to drive your dream car for longer than a test drive.

Save, Save, and Save

This seems obvious, but if you want it that much, then you will save for it. A Ferrari or something along those lines might be out of reach, but as mentioned, a BMW X5 is achievable if you’re able to save money at a decent monthly rate.

If you tuck £100 per month away for 20 years, for example, that’s £24,000 saved, which might be enough to own your dream car. Albeit second hand if it’s an X5, but it’s achievable.

If you’ve read this and still think that you’re not going to be able to do it using the ways above or you don’t win a giveaway as you’re never that lucky, then consider a Virgin Experience Day or any other experience day that involves driving supercars. They might have your dream car available, which would at least go some way to putting a smile on your face and ticking off that bucket list item.

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