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Buying a New SUV?

The Vital Components that Make a Great Deal

As car manufacturers have started to compete in the ever expanding SUV market, they have found that to compete they have needed to improve the selling points of their vehicles. This has been an excellent development for the buyer, but making a decision about the best package has become more difficult because of the overwhelming choices. So what should you be looking for as standard when buying a modern Sprts Utility Vehicle? Here are some of the essentials to look for when you are shopping around.

Four Wheel Drive

The reason that you have chosen to buy this type of vehicle is because of its all round capabilities (well it definitely should have been), and one of those capabilities should be to drive in all conditions. Whether you are going to be driving in the wilds of the countryside or trying to navigate through snow and ice in the city, you will need a 4×4. The simple tip here is to make sure that you buy the right type of drive. Don’t be fooled by the options available that look like 4x4s but are in fact two wheel drive.


Servicing your new purchase could be very expensive, so make sure that you ask about if it comes with free servicing. Some manufacturers will have free servicing for your vehicle, but others will charge you for your check ups. This is a very important point, as if your vehicle is not serviced at specified times, any warrantee could become void, and the cost of any work on your engine or transmissiion will need to be paid for by you. You will need to calculate the additional cost of any services, or service plan, you need to buy into the price of the vehicle.



Make sure that the time you spend in your car is enjoyable for everybody, and that you have entertainment in it to suit all your family. If you will use your transportation for long journeys a good sound system is the minimum you will need to break the monotony, and if you have children, you may want to have headrest screens for them to watch. Every option you look at will have some kind of entertainment system, but you should never settle for anything less than your family’s particular needs. Obviously you could have a system fitted later, but why do that when the manufacturer should be supplying it at point of sale.

Luggage Space

Think about the types of things that you will need to carry at all times, and the things that you will possibly need to carry, and buy a vehicle that suits your needs. Some cars look huge on the outside, but the space inside can be very small for luggage. In an ideal world you will have perfect seating space as well as perfect luggage space, but the truth is there is usually a compromise. Also look at access, some luggage compartments are very difficult to access, and make lifting heavy bags into them a nightmare.

luggage Space


This is something that most motorists overlook when looking for a vehicle, but should be the highest priority. You should be looking for a vehicle that has a 5 star NCAP rating, as your standard, as this will mean that it has been out through the most stringent testing and has been certified by the leading tester in the automotive industry.

In your search for the perfect family motor you can gain valuable help from the many SUV comparison charts that are available. They will give you information on transmissions, horsepower, Co2 emissions, etc. However, for the less technically minded, these 5 details can be discovered easily enough, and are things you should know about and demand from your new SUV.

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