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Top 5 maintenance tips for your new car

If you’ve just purchased a brand new car, you will most likely be looking to ensure that it stays in great condition, looking perfect and running sweetly. In order to keep a vehicle in top condition, careful maintenance has to be performed throughout the year and owners have to be on constant lookout for any sign of trouble.

To help, we’ve compiled this list of the top five maintenance tips for new cars.

1. Tyre pressure

Ensuring that you’re running your car on the correct tyre pressure will not only protect your tyres from unnecessary wear but will also make for more economic fuel consumption and prevent other parts of the car from wearing out quickly from over-work.

Most petrol stations have a free measurement device and air compressor, so make the most of such utilities whenever possible. This is especially important for long journeys or if driving a vehicle that carries heavy loads, such as the Mercedes Vario or a similar van, but even smaller vehicles like the Smart fortwo travelling shorter distances need correctly inflated tyres to achieve optimum performance and efficiency.

2. Battery health

Though you shouldn’t have to change your battery within the first year or so, it’s a good idea to check it regularly for any signs of wear. If you live in a warm climate, you may find that your battery deteriorates more quickly than usual, though the first real sign of problems will be issues starting the engine.

Clean the battery terminals regularly to ensure the proper connection is being made and there is no build up of unwanted debris.

3. Engine oil

Without a healthy supply of oil, your car will soon seize up and stop functioning all together. Consequently, it’s vital that you check the oil levels at regular intervals and before any long journeys.

Remember to let your car run for a few minutes, park it on a level surface and then switch off the engine before taking the oil level to get an accurate reading.

4. Protect the exterior

Keeping the exterior of your car clean and well polished and waxed will keep it looking great and protect it from any rust or weathering. Check to see what waxes and washing agents are suitable for your vehicle before applying them. Often manufacturers or dealerships will be able to recommend the right product.

5. Headlights

Finally, keeping your headlights in working order will not only keep you safe in poorly lit conditions but also prevent you from being pulled over. Make sure they’re all the same brightness and that the indicators flash at the same speed. They must also project light at the right height. Some cars will adjust this automatically, others may have a manual car you can use to lower or raise the headlights depending on the amount of weight in the vehicle at the time of driving.

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