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Replacing Tyres – Local Dealer or National Chain

When the time comes that you need to buy new tyres for your car, it can be difficult to find information about where to go for the best deal and top quality – so here is a list of the pros and cons of purchasing tyres from your local garage or a national retailer, and what you should think about when considering each.


One huge bonus of a large retailer is that they carry a broad selection of stock and will be able order particular tyres if they aren’t carried onsite. A local dealer on the other hand might only stock tyres from one company and have limited resources to order the tyres you want.


If you choose a chain retailer, you might be able to get your tyres fitted immediately. You may have to be patient if you get your car booked for a local service, though a local dealer might be more flexible.


National chains often give deals and discounts on their servicing which can mean you save money, but as with everything there is fine print and there might be hidden costs.

Customer service

Large chains in all areas tend to be focused more on quantity of customers than retention and so this can mean that there is less focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and going the extra mile, as an independent retailer might.


With national retailers there is often an option to buy via the website and have your new tyres delivered to your door and fitted at your house – excellent for convenience. In the case that a replacement will take longer than expected, national chains often also offer courtesy cars while you wait.


All national retailers are held to high standards of quality assurance and all dealerships are kept at a high standard. Local garages may not be so closely regulated. However, as they have only their name and local word of mouth to rely on, they will usually provide a high standard of service and expertise. – but make sure you do your research on your local garage to make sure.

Asking around and reading reviews online will be one of the major ways you decide where to replace your tyres; remember in this situation, your priority should be trust and expertise rather than cost, because good tyres are your safety mechanisms when driving a car.

Vivienne Egan writes for GEM Motoring Assist who offer specialist breakdown cover, offering to take you to a garage of your choice when stuck at the roadside.

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