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Nissan Juke Aims to be King SUV

The launch of the new Nissan Juke has caused quite a stir in the UK automotive market. The latest Nissan car looks set to take the compact SUV market by storm with already 15,000 units being ordered, 1,100 of which are from the UK. The news will be a shot in the arm for the British car manufacturing industry, with the announcement that production of the Juke is set to replace the Micra at the Sunderland plant in the Northeast of England.


The Nissan Juke has all the off-road SUV benefits and qualities of its larger cousin the Qashqai with all the styling and grace of a sporty roadster. Nissan have given the Juke a more rounded and softer look than would be found on many of its rivals and an interior uncommon amongst SUV crossovers. Well designed and conceived, it is packed with all the gadgets and technology you would expect from the Japanese manufacturer and their London based Nissan Design Europe team.

The Juke, it is believed will have a heavy influence on compact SUV design for the next couple of years and takes urban hatchbacks to a new level. At ground level it is a sturdy well built off road vehicle, capable of scaling Snowden but its body hides a spacious, well-equipped modern designed cabin. The centrepiece is the artistically designed motorcycle fuel tank shaped central console. 

The British built car provides a great opportunity for the 750 staff that work in the technical centre based in Cranfield and Sunderland’s 3,900 strong workforce and if the Juke follows the success that the plant had with the Micra, and its current Qashqai and Qashqai +2 models then their future is assured.

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