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Best SUV Crossover Cars

There were talks a while ago of SUV’s going the same way as the dinosaurs in the face of the economic decline, with rising fuel costs resulting in searches for more economical cars. However what has survived nature’s cull is a smaller, leaner more eco-friendly vehicle, the SUV crossover.

The best of the small SUV crossovers currently on the market are safer, family oriented cars that are cheaper and more economic to run.

Mileage – 47.9mpg diesel/ 27.4mpg petrol

Emissions – 156 g/km diesel/ 244 g/km petrol

Ford’s revolutionary Kuga breaks the mould in terms of style and technology, with its 5 star NCAP rating it’s a safe car whether on or off road and has a spacious, well thought out interior. The Kuga offers a comfortable family ride with mountain hugging capabilities.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Mileage – 33.2mpg petrol/ 44.8mpg diesel

Emissions – 156g/km petrol/ 139g/km diesel

The Tiguan is a SUV crossover, somewhere between the Golf Plus and Touran MPV, combining German engineering, style and durability. It has great on road reliability and its 4Motion drive system proves it is capable of riding the bumps.

Nissan Qashqai

Mileage – 47.1mpg petrol/ 58.9mpg diesel

Emissions – 140g/km petrol/ 130g/km diesel

Designed like a tall hatchback, the Qashqai comes only in a two wheel drive, therefore its off road dependability does not match its on road assurance. However they are superb, well-equipped cars with a top of the range interior and provide a comfortable, smooth drive, so long as you remain on the tarmac.

Volvo XC60

Mileage – 37.7 mpg

Emissions – 154 g/km

The XC60 gives a smooth cruise and has lots of power underneath the bonnet, with a spacious interior capable of comfortably taking five passengers. Its rapid acceleration and sure road handling make it a good buy on or off the road.

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