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Top Five Motability Cars

The Motability scheme is designed to provide help with the additional costs of a disability, and give everyone the chance to obtain a car. For many, a new car can improve remarkably the quality of life, and choosing the right one can be an exciting process. Here’s a list of five attractive Motability cars available through the scheme. To make these options even more desirable, many of them are available to hire for no or low advance payment.

1. Volkswagen Polo

The new 5 door polo is the perfect combination of comfortable ride and security. VW Polo has always been a chic city car, and the new design definitely makes it stand out.

2. Nissan Qashqai

Its funky and dynamic styling makes Qashqai a winner. Nissan Qashqai is a perfect family car with its roomy inside space, and the performance of this compact crossover is refined and punchy.

3. Vauxhall New Astra

The New Astra is sporty and safe. Inside the sleek exterior is a practical, driver-oriented cockpit which makes the car a pleasure to drive.

4. Mini

Mini is an all time favourite. It is the car with a soul, great to drive and well built. Besides its great looks, a Mini is also economical and emits carbon dioxide at a low level.

5. Ford Focus

With its contemporary feel, bold design and great features, Ford Focus is an eye-catching option. It has a sporty look combined with agile handling that makes it very relaxed to drive.

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