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Moving with Motability

Adapting a new car to special needs for disabled people can be a tough break and incur high costs. To ease this extra burden, charities, banks and the government teamed up in the 70s with the motoring and insurance industries to establish a not-for-profit organisation that would monitor these costs. The organisation now runs a Motability scheme that aims to provide everyone with a quality car and an enjoyable driving experience. Sadly for the rest of us, eligibility is limited to receivers of the Higher Rate of the Disability Living Allowance and War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.

The scheme offers two options to choose from:

  1. With contract hire, a car is hired as a three-year lease. Monthly payments include all costs of driving except for fuel, and 95% of drivers choose this all inclusive option.
  2. The remaining 5% opt for a hire purchase deal. Insurance and servicing costs fall onto the driver within the scope of this scheme, but the monthly payments are made towards the ownership of the car.

Motability deals are not limited to cars. Powered wheelchairs and scooters are also available through the scheme since the aim is, after all, to respond to all mobility needs of disabled people. The person entitled to the benefit does not even need to be assigned as a driver to the car acquired through the scheme. This makes it possible for someone not able to drive to make the most of the scheme as a passenger while someone assigned to the task does the driving.

With Motability, it’s easy to get moving. All one needs is to choose a car and find a dealer. The scheme is a perfect initiative to increase the quality of life of those bound by a disability, and it will give everyone the freedom they deserve.

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