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The Most Beautiful Car in the World

Design has crawled into many areas of life, and car manufacturing has definitely kept up with the new beauty standards. A German motoring magazine Auto Zeitung has just hosted their first Design Award Competition, in which they were looking to acknowledge the most beautiful car brand and the most beautiful car model of the year. Readers chose among a selection of 50, and the outcome was certainly flattering for Audi. Besides being awarded Design Trophy for the most beautiful brand, two Audi models also scored high in the most beautiful model category.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes share the top three in both categories. The most beautiful cars in the world this year are Mercedes SLS AMG and BMW 5er, but as a car brand, no one seems to be more consistent in creating beautiful cars than Audi. Audi R8 Spyder and Audi A5 Sportback were chosen as the most beautiful examples of the superb Audi design. Used Audi models might gain in value if this news spreads!

The choice of Audi as the most beautiful brand reflects well Audi’s position on the market. Audi has been building an image as a design conscious brand, and their efforts are paying off. Audi has been channelling support to innovative design projects through the Audi Design Foundation, and since 2006 Audi has been sponsoring Design Miami. This year, Audi will be a noticeable part of Milan Design Week as well. A display of light installation by designer Moritz Waldemeyer will be the centre of attractions in an effort to showcase two new Audi models.

The installation will be composed of 2,000 LED lights and reflect Audi’s philosophy towards aerodynamics and efficiency. Cars and furniture design might be finding some common ground this spring.

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