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Old Beetle vs. New Beetle

Volkswagen BeetleIn 1998, Volkswagen introduced the New Beetle. The fuss around this new release has long been dusted, but the enthusiasm that Beetle owners feel towards the car remains as high as ever.

The original Volkswagen Beetle was a rear wheel drive and it had an air-cooled rear engine. It was a car made for masses, and as if to prove this intention, the brand name Volkswagen literally translates from German into “people’s car”. Since the 1940’s, things have changed however. Beetle has become a cult; the level of respect and awe it attracts is incomparable to what it was decades ago. Also, in the field of technology, progress has been made in leaps. A New Beetle was born to accommodate these new developments – to satisfy today’s demanding drivers while giving them the pleasure of driving a VW Beetle. This car, however, wasn’t one for the masses. It was one for the conscious drivers who cherished the Beetle, but required comfort and all the mod cons.

For this new model, the simple technology of the old engine was changed for a modern one. The robust structure of the Old Beetle offered the driver the possibility to buy VW parts and have a go at fixing the car by himself. Used VW Beetles still preserve their appeal, and the beauty of these cars lie partly in the fact that they facilitate this DIY relationship with the car. They guarantee a garage full of Volkswagen parts – a proper Volkswagen playground!

In 1977 in the USA, the production of the original Beetle was faced with a ban because of its weak safety and emission standards. The New Beetle is fitted with modern safety accessories and emission controls, such as airbags and a catalytic converter, and the comfort and ride of the car have been massively improved. Despite the lack of all these advantageous features, the old, used Volkswagen Beetle keeps its thrill. The emotional attachment that Beetle drivers have to their cars is absolutely unique, and both the old and new versions contribute to keeping the Beetle story alive.

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