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Vauxhall – The UK's Favourite Affordable Car

Vauxhall has come a long way in their production line over the last few years. Within the affordable car market, they are definitely among the strongest manufacturers, with sleek designs, powerful engines, high energy efficiency standards and spacious interiors.

Particular attention has recently been turned to the new Vauxhall Astra now on sale throughout the UK. With prices appealing to the lower-medium sector car market that accounts for 17.5% of all retail car sales.

Several reviews have also emphasised the advantage the Astra has over other cars in this segment due to its gorgeous design. Vauxhall’s Marketing Director, Andy Gilson, comments: “The Astra aims to attract a new group of buyers, those who may never have considered a Vauxhall before, but now see cars like the new Astra as offering all the style and quality of a premium product, such as an Audi A3, but at a far more affordable price point. “

The car comes available with 8 engines, ranging from 87PS to 180 PS, with an overall cut in emissions of 13.3% compared with the previous Vauxhall Astra range. The diesel engines range from a 1.7-litre producing 110PS to a 2.0-litre engine with 160PS. The Turbocharged petrol engines, which will be available later in the year, will provide drivers with a Turbo charged engine on ultra-low emissions.

The interior design utilises an updated version of the wing and blade motifs of the Vauxhall Insignia, modern ambient lighting and clever, patented cabin storage solutions. It may not sound enthralling, but the research that went into it reflects Vauxhall’s care for their customers, where 20 of the most common items buyers carry in their car have a place to live.

So thank you Vauxhall, for continuing to impress us with new car models – all with a plethora of engine choices, innovative technologies, eco-friendly commitments and a place for my iPod to live. We approve!

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