Wednesday , May 19 2021

Love at a distance

Hardly anyone dreams of a romantic relationship at a distance. But if it happened that your favorite lives in another city or even a country, how to learn to maintain relationships and keep love at a distance?

Love is always a test. And if the in love is able to withstand this test, then this speaks of real feelings and an invincible desire to be together.

The most difficult thing in such a relationship is not to confidence each other's trust. And also to accept the fact that the meetings will be very rare ...

How to be in such a situation?

Communicate as often as possible
Never find out the relationship and do not start serious conversations by phone or skype. Believe me, it will not lead anything good. In addition, if you constantly call your loved one for serious conversations, the communication will cease to be easy and will be burdened by both. If conversations with you will constantly spoil your guy, he will try to limit communication, to no longer glow the situation, and you may think that he cooled to you and no longer wants to communicate. And the further - the worse ...

Show women wisdom and try your communication is always joyful, interesting and easy to wish to talk and talk to each other. And the main thing is that your conversations do not cause the feeling of guilt from your second half.

Do surprises to each other
Today there are many ways to deliver to other cities. Therefore, if your meeting suddenly broke down, send some kind of cute gift by your favorite gift to your favorite mail or delivery service. Such small surprises make our lives happy and brighter.

Real plans
Dreaming how you will live in a beautiful country house on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea very nice. However, the main plan for you is the issue of combining and choosing a joint place of residence. Since one of you will have to change your life and move to the second half. Plan for the near future, it is much more useful, and you will have time later to other plans.

Appreciate the time spent together
Try to make your meetings so warm and emotional so that the memories of them are racing your heart during separation. Therefore, think before you start a stupid quarrel, to shook or show your principle. After all, tomorrow you will break out again ...

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