Wednesday , May 19 2021

How does it feel to work for a game software supplier?

How does it feel to work for a game software supplier?

What is it like to work for a provider of gaming software? Often, vacancies appear on social networks and on the official websites of developers. They need programmers, designers, managers, accountants and many online casino According to some reports, there is a lot of competition in the development of gambling software and companies lure employees away from each other. Maybe this is a matter of constant search for new employees. It is also likely that companies are constantly growing and expanding their staff. But maybe everything is not so positive? We know gambling developers as fun games companies trying to please casinos and amuse punters online casino. Many companies are now publishing reports on the fun life of their employees on social networks, showing which cozy or chic offices they work in. But what's going on inside them and what is it like working for a game provider? Strike in Evolution Gaming One of the striking examples that makes one think not about the gambling side when it comes to gambling software is the strike in the Georgian office of Evolution Gaming. This world leader in live casinos that makes huge money, it turns out, pays a penny to its employees in Georgia. Dealers and shufflers in Tbilisi Evolution are paid between $ 100 and $ 170. Plus, the protesters talked about poor working conditions - non-working air conditioners, unsanitary conditions. 400 people came out to protest, and this can no longer be attributed to the whims of a few fastidious employees. And this is in a company that received 85

income in the second quarter of 2019

.7 million euros. Profit for the quarter was 34.5 million euros. Of course, if you consider that they spent 30.5 million on salaries, and that this is the largest item of their expenses, one can understand the tight-fistedness. But such stories are clearly not good for the reputation of such a mega company. Employee Reviews on Glassdoor As with the casino ratings, on Glassdoor, former and current employees of various companies can vote how they like or enjoy working there. Yggdrasil, for example, got 2 %s.4 out of 5. There were 8 votes in total, this is not enough, but it can also say something. Moreover, among the reviews were quite negative. One of them was left relatively recently, July 16, 2019. Below is the translation, with a screenshot of the review: I work for Yggdrasil Gaming full time Benefits Excellent free meals every day from the chef breakfast snacks. Overall, good colleagues. Disadvantages Red Tiger is preparing a Trillionaire pokie under FashionTV license. While the studio is fine, commercially it is one of the least forward-thinking companies I have worked for. They take (steal) your bonuses, which they themselves set for you, for several quarters in a row you fulfilled the requirements necessary for bonuses, your manager approved the issuance of bonuses %s... You are being forced to take on a lot more responsibilities and roles with no additional compensation or promotion. The solution to everything seems to be hiring more middle managers. You are not consulted about anything."Decisions" and"strategy" change every day, without even revising the previous one. There are no career opportunities and no structure for communication with superiors. Low salaries and no promotions have been the company's policy from the outset, because you have the opportunity to work on a"premium product". This"premium product" is drowned by the choice of lightweight solutions and falls apart in pieces every day. There is no HR department to talk to, people come and go without saying a word %s... Another former employee writes the following: Benefits Good office, new powerful equipment, good coffee and healthy snacks, pleasant colleagues, good salary, good work-life balance, good health insurance for Polish standards. Disadvantages Incredibly many rework and very low quality of the code - There are practically no useful tests - Lack of good practices and software development processes - The company is very disorganized, no one knows what is happening - The HR department will lie to you and say during the interview what you want to hear, so that you agree to work - Very low level of professionalism and skills among employees - Not suitable for foreigners - Positive reviews, quite possibly fake ... NetEnt already has a higher rating. 67 reviews and an average score of 3 out of 5. There are also very critical comments here. Often employees say that management is trying to increase volumes, hires a lot of inexperienced employees who make mistakes, many are not competent. Although this time the general mood is more positive. Surprisingly, Evolution Gaming has a 3.3 rating, the same as Playtech %s... Perhaps this is just dissatisfaction with no reason, which does not reflect the real atmosphere in the company. But it may be different.